Numerous Feared Dead and Injured as Multi-Storey Building Crumbles in Abuja

A tragic incident unfolded on Wednesday as a multi-storey building collapsed at Lagos Street in Garki, Abuja. The collapse resulted in the injury of around 37 individuals, with an unspecified number of people still trapped beneath the rubble.

The Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) confirmed that so far, 37 people have been successfully rescued, but sadly, two individuals lost their lives due to the collapse.


Dr. Abbass Idriss, the Director General of FEMA, released a statement early Thursday morning stating that the rescued individuals have been transported to various medical facilities in Abuja.

The rescue operation is ongoing, and FEMA is working in coordination with other rescue agencies to ensure that all possible efforts are made to locate and aid any remaining victims.

Numerous Feared Dead and Injured as Multi-Storey Building Crumbles in Abuja

The disaster triggered a swift response from emergency services, with a collaborative effort from the FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), FCT Police Command, and the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO).

These agencies have joined forces on the ground to carry out rescue operations and offer assistance where needed.

An eyewitness present at the scene conveyed that the collapsed building was home to numerous apartments and housed various shops on its ground floor.

The incident occurred during a heavy downpour that began around 11 pm on Wednesday. The witness described a harrowing scene of chaos and distress as people desperately tried to respond to the sudden collapse.

Despite the severity of the situation, as of the time of this report, emergency agency officials were yet to arrive at the scene.

The absence of these crucial services emphasizes the pressing need for collaborative and efficient disaster response efforts to minimize casualties and provide aid to those affected.

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