The Clever Tortoise’s Sweet Revenge (Folktale Story)


The Clever Tortoise’s Sweet Revenge (Folktale Story)

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Once upon a time, within the vibrant animal kingdom, a tale of misunderstanding and cunning unfolded between the elephant and the monkey. The monkey, having swindled the tortoise and making promises of future reckoning, mocked the tortoise’s slowness and apparent helplessness. Seeking a shrewd way to set things right, the tortoise hatched a plan that would leave the monkey reeling with regret.

Plotting his scheme, the tortoise returned home to his wife, Yanibo. He shared his intentions and urged her to prepare delectable sweet bean cakes. These he meticulously wrapped before heading to the elephant’s abode. Arriving, he exchanged warm greetings and graciously offered the elephant the delectable treats his wife had skillfully crafted.

Delighted by the mouthwatering cakes, the elephant was curious about their origin. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, the tortoise explained, “I made them using the monkey’s waste. A little beating, and the sweet ones magically appeared!” Grateful for the unexpected treat, the elephant expressed his thanks and eagerly made his way to the monkey’s residence, driven by the prospect of more sweet bean cakes.


The elephant confronted the monkey, demanding that he expel the sweet bean cakes. Despite the monkey’s pleas of innocence and assurance that he knew nothing of these cakes, the elephant persistently beat him, forcing him to produce the coveted treat. Each time the monkey expelled anything, the elephant would taste it, only to continue the beating as the taste did not match his expectations of sweetness.

Meanwhile, the tortoise, who had hidden nearby, burst into laughter. “I told you I would have my revenge,” he exclaimed with triumphant glee. It was then that the elephant realized he had been ensnared in the tortoise’s crafty trap. He immediately released the battered and weak monkey from his grasp.

This story imparts a valuable lesson: underestimating others can lead to one’s own downfall. The clever tortoise demonstrated that even those who seem unassuming can devise ingenious plans to turn the tables and teach a powerful lesson in humility and wisdom.

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