Video Footage Reveals Ambitious $1 Trillion Development of ‘The Line’ Futuristic City in Saudi Arabia


A monumental endeavor known as ‘The Line’ is taking shape in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s desert landscape. This visionary luxury mega-city is being meticulously constructed with a horizon-spanning expanse that stretches across more than 100 miles.

Determined to realize this ambitious venture by 2030, the construction of ‘The Line’ is progressing at a remarkable pace, showcasing a groundbreaking architectural spectacle that has captured global attention.


The visual impression is reminiscent of a skyscraper laid flat, yet the costs associated with its creation far exceed those of even the most towering urban structures.

Venturing into uncharted territory, ‘The Line’ represents an audacious attempt at city planning and design, aimed at accommodating a thriving population of up to nine million residents.

Conceptualized by the ingenious minds at Morphosis Architects, a distinguished firm headquartered in Santa Monica, this extraordinary cityscape will span a staggering length of 105 miles (160 kilometers), rising to an awe-inspiring height of 500 meters while maintaining a width of 200 meters.

In numerical terms, this translates to an impressive expanse of 8,350 acres or 13.5 square miles—making ‘The Line’ a landmass surpassing the combined area of Monaco and Gibraltar.

Elevating beyond mere residential enclaves, this marvel is poised to feature a harmonious fusion of residential and commercial zones. Notably, it will encompass an array of amenities, including a dedicated stadium, a refined yacht marina, shopping emporiums, and cutting-edge office spaces.

Notably, the city will boast an efficient and extensive public transportation network, ensuring that traversing from one end to the other can be accomplished in a mere 20 minutes.

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‘The Line’ stands as a significant facet of the grander NEOM initiative—a comprehensive project encompassing a futuristic smart city, an idyllic mountain retreat, and a pioneering water and hydrogen enterprise.

While undeniably an ambitious financial commitment, the NEOM endeavor carries an estimated price tag of an astounding $1 trillion. A considerable fraction of this sum—approximately $500 billion—is allocated solely to the realization of ‘The Line.’

In light of its abundant financial resources, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is steadfastly investing in enhancing its appeal to a global audience, both as an attractive destination for investors and an enchanting realm for tourists.

Concurrently, Saudi Arabia is immersing itself in the world of soccer, injecting substantial capital to elevate its standing. Having secured prominent figures like Cristiano Ronaldo, the Saudi Arabian soccer landscape now features esteemed talents including Karim Benzema, Marcelo Brozovic, and Sadio Mané.

As the transformative vision of ‘The Line’ continues to unfold amidst the sweeping dunes of Saudi Arabia, it stands as a testament to the nation’s unwavering commitment to innovation, progress, and capturing the world’s imagination.

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