APC Strategizes for Victory: Adams Adabenege and Hon. Haruna Ganaja Join Forces in Kogi Gov’ship Race

In a bid to secure victory for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the upcoming Kogi State governorship election, Hon. Adams Adabenege, Chairman of the Local Government Service Commission, recently convened a crucial meeting with APC stalwart Hon. Haruna Ganaja in Lokoja.

The primary goal of this strategic meeting was to foster collaboration and share insights aimed at garnering increased support for the APC’s gubernatorial candidate in Kogi State. Hon. Adabenege emphasized that the APC’s candidate, Alhaji Usman Ododo, and his running mate, Joel Salifu, are running on a “unity ticket.” This ticket is designed to build upon the unification and developmental policies initiated by Governor Yahaya Bello, underscoring the importance of unity among all stakeholders to secure victory in the upcoming election.


Hon. Adabenege specifically highlighted Hon. Haruna Ganaja’s stature as a revered leader with a substantial following. Ganaja’s endorsement of Ododo as his preferred candidate is viewed as a significant boost to the APC’s prospects in the election.

In response, Hon. Haruna Ganaja, who recently joined the APC, commended Hon. Adabenege for his unwavering commitment to the Ododo mandate. Ganaja stressed that the unity and progress of the state should take precedence over any partisan considerations. He pledged to collaborate closely with Adabenege and other stakeholders to ensure a resounding victory for the APC candidate in the upcoming November 16 governorship election.

The meeting between these two influential figures underscores the significance of political alliances and unity in the quest for electoral success. As the election date approaches, the APC in Kogi State is rallying its supporters and leaders to work together for a prosperous and harmonious future for the state.

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