Blackout as Nigeria’s Power Supply Drops Sharply by 93.5% – Analysis

Blackout as Nigeria's Power Supply Drops Sharply by 93.5% - Analysis

Nigeria experienced a crippling power outage as its electricity generation plummeted by a staggering 93.5% to a mere 273 megawatts (MW) in the early hours of the day.

This sharp decline followed a system-wide collapse, attributed to equipment failures or disruptions within the grid.


Data sourced from the Nigeria Electricity System Operator, a semi-autonomous division of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), revealed that power generation figures were starkly different from the 4,182MW recorded just the previous Monday.

The situation was dire, with major power stations like Afam VI, Dadinkowa, Ibom Power, Jebba, and Olorunsogo generating meager amounts of 0.70MW, 0.00MW, 32.90MW, 240MW, and zero, respectively.

This abrupt reduction in electricity supply underscores the pressing need for infrastructure improvements and grid stability in Nigeria’s power sector to prevent such disruptions that adversely affect the daily lives and businesses of its citizens.

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