Ebira-Born Comedy Legend and Actor, Suleiman Ajagu, Shuts Down Haters Amidst House Roofing Fundraising

In a recent turn of events, the celebrated comedian and actor, Suleiman Ajagu, addressed his critics who have been mocking him for seeking financial support to complete his house roofing. With grace and wisdom, Ajagu responded to the naysayers.

“I never stand in the way of anyone’s success, but may destiny guide those attempting to undermine my journey towards greatness. We all find ourselves in positions of seeking help one way or another. I’ve never harmed anyone, and if I seek financial support to complete my home, I don’t believe I’ve committed any wrongdoing,” declared the Ebira-born humorist.


Ajagu concluded with a poignant message: “Let us all be guided and understanding in our judgments. I remain steadfast in my pursuit of a better future. – Suleiman Ajagu”

This statement from the veteran comedian and actor serves as a reminder that even celebrities face challenges and hardships in life, and it’s essential to support one another in times of need.

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