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Movie: “Owo Eje” (Sule Ebira) – A Classic Yoruba/Ebira Film (2005)


Movie: “Owo Eje” (Sule Ebira) – A Classic Yoruba/Ebira Film (2005)

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“Owo Eje” is a special movie from the early 2000s (2005). This movie was so good that Sule Ebira became well-known among Yoruba kids. It teaches us not to be greedy like Sule Ebira, as that leads to trouble. The film also shows how hardworking and honest the Ebira people were back then. They were known for doing good things.

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The movie was made by Remdel Movies and is based on a book called “Owo Eje” by Kola Akinlade, which was written in 1976. “Owo Eje” means “Blood Money” in Yoruba.

You can enjoy this movie, download it, and share it with your friends to have a great time together.

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