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Barr. Natasha’s Victory At Appeal Court Will Come With A Crushing Blow To Her Enemies


Barr. Natasha’s Victory At Appeal Court Will Come With A Crushing Blow To Her Enemies

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In the 2023 Kogi Central senatorial election, the people of Kogi Central seized a pivotal opportunity to communicate a resounding message and correct past injustices. They resolved to elect a representative who would genuinely advocate for their interests in the Senate for the next four years.

It’s essential to underscore that self-serving and avaricious political leaders, particularly in this region, often attempt to impose their candidates against the will of the people. The current leader of the state demonstrated this during the election and continues to fight for his chosen candidate, disregarding the people’s verdict at the Tribunal.

To the astonishment of skeptics, the Kogi State Election Petition Tribunal recently declared Barr. Natasha H Akpoti-Uduaghan of the PDP as the rightful winner of the 2023 Kogi Central senatorial election, instructing INEC to revoke the certificate of return given to the Governor’s favored candidate.

It is with confidence that we assert that the people’s will has triumphed and will persist in doing so. This time, the ruling power and its ‘anointed candidate’ are poised to face a resounding defeat in the Appeals Court, a defeat that will leave them stunned.

The people of Kogi Central have reached a breaking point, and when they expressed their frustration through their votes, the outcome was astonishing.

Despite the government’s strenuous efforts to obstruct the Amazon at any cost, the results resembled what the renowned General Tommy Franks termed as “shock and awe.” An opposition party emerged victorious in four out of five local government areas that the ‘Lion’ had claimed to control.

The grassroots, who have suffered and been deprived of their rights, comprehend who genuinely cares for them and voted overwhelmingly for Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan.

As a third-party candidate in the 2019 senatorial election, the Amazon secured 48,336 votes despite extensive result manipulation and data tampering.

This mirrors the events of 2019 when a party often dismissed as ‘lacking structure’ triumphed at the polls but was subsequently manipulated in favor of the ‘anointed candidate.’

Following that brazen electoral heist, there was talk that Natasha had been sidelined, that the Amazon was relegated to the annals of history.

They naively assumed she would vanish because they believed they had constrained her and weakened her resolve, expecting her to fade away like an iceberg in tropical waters. Yet, like an eagle, Natasha has not yielded to their malevolence.

Natasha remains unwavering in her commitment to provide exceptional representation for the people of Kogi Central. She refuses to relinquish her goal of being a stalwart voice for her constituents in the hallowed chamber, unwavering in her quest for Kogi Central to have a Senator unafraid to speak out, regardless of whether it displeases any godfather.

Chief Natasha’s sole “sin” is her refusal to concede in a society still dominated by men and her determination not to be intimidated into obscurity like her predecessors.

This time, irrespective of any coalition or nefarious schemes, the will of the people of Kogi Central will continue to triumph over the insatiable desires of the self-proclaimed emperor. The Appeals Court’s verdict will deliver a devastating blow and herald the triumphant return of the mandate bestowed upon Barr. Natasha by the people of Kogi Central.

As Plato wisely said, we can readily forgive a child who fears the dark; the real tragedy in life is when men fear the light. This light must shine in Kogi Central, harmonizing the discord in our political landscape into a symphony of genuine representation in the hallowed chamber.

Barr. Natasha’s victory in the Appeals Court will be a rude awakening for the skeptics and a source of despair for those who sought to usurp her position.

Isah Bala, Reporting from Abuja

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