OPay Responds to Unauthorized Account Openings Controversy

OPay Responds to Unauthorized Account Openings Controversy

In response to the recent controversy surrounding unauthorized account openings, fintech company OPay issued a statement clarifying the situation:

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Investigation Findings:

OPay’s investigation revealed that some numbers involved had legitimately created accounts between 2019 and 2020. The accounts were opened through the standard CBN-established registration process, involving OTP authentication.

OPay’s Stance:

OPay emphasized that it does not create accounts without user consent. Accounts with no transactions since creation were identified, and affected individuals were contacted.

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Customer Engagement:

OPay proactively contacted individuals with flagged accounts, offering them the option to retain or close the accounts based on their preference.

Encouragement for Customers:

OPay encouraged customers facing similar concerns to reach out through official channels for swift resolution.

Commitment to Customers:

OPay reaffirmed its commitment to customer satisfaction and adherence to regulatory standards.

OPay’s response underscores its dedication to resolving customer issues promptly and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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