President Tinubu to Launch Advanced Digital System for Births, Marriages, and Deaths

President Tinubu to Launch Advanced Digital System for Births, Marriages, and Deaths

In a significant stride towards enhancing Nigeria’s civil registration system, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is set to launch an electronic Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System, along with a Geospatial Data Repository.

This groundbreaking initiative, announced by the Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC), Nasir Kwarra, aims to streamline essential registrations including births, stillbirths, adoptions, marriages, divorces, migrations, and deaths.

The e-CRVS, slated for launch on Wednesday, signifies the government’s commitment to bolstering data collection, processing, and timely access to vital statistics.

The initiative is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal, intending to strengthen civil registration and vital statistics systems in Nigeria over the next decade.

Developed in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the e-CRVS Operational Readiness Assessment Report highlights the transformative potential of digital technologies.

The system, developed under a Public Private Partnership arrangement with Barnksforte Technologies Limited, will digitalize all civil registrations, replacing traditional paper-based methods.

Key features of the system include digital certificates for all registrations, an accessible verification platform for registered organizations, and a central management system.

This departure from the conventional paper-based approach signifies a significant leap forward, aligning Nigeria’s registration processes with international best practices.

Additionally, as part of the digital transformation, geospatial data covering various dimensions of the country has been captured using Geographic Information System technology.

This repository database, set to be launched alongside the e-CRVS, will be accessible to both the public and private sectors.

In conjunction with the e-CRVS launch, the CRVS National Coordination Committee will be inaugurated. This comprehensive digital initiative not only marks a pivotal moment for Nigeria’s administrative processes but also promises to revolutionize how vital events are recorded, tracked, and analyzed throughout the country.

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