Taboo in Ebiraland – Why A Strapped Baby Must Never Fall off Its Mother’s Back

Taboo in Ebiraland - Why A Strapped Baby Must Never Fall off Its Mother's Back

Taboo in Ebiraland – A recent conversation with a reader on Ebira Online Media prompted a reflection on taboos within Ebiraland, shedding light on their impact on personal lives. This reader, who has been married twice and is currently unmarried, shared her experiences that brought to the forefront the significance of these taboos in ebiraland.

In Ebiraland, each clan holds its unique taboos alongside the general ones. For instance, the Aniyewe clan refrains from consuming Monitor Lizard. It’s disheartening that many in our generation are unfamiliar with these traditions, often dismissing their relevance.

If you think that being born outside Ebiraland exempts you from these taboos, think again. The belief is that ‘It Runs In The Blood.’

One striking example is the taboo related to a child falling from the mother’s back. According to belief, such an incident can lead to issues with the opposite sex and is considered a grave taboo in Ebiraland.

A reader reached out with a unique problem—whenever she engaged in sexual relations, her partners would tragically pass away. When she shared her plight, it became apparent that her life was entangled with a taboo. Through consultation with a spiritual guide in Okene, the roots of her predicament were unveiled.

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The revelation came from the reader’s grandmother, who disclosed that the woman had fallen from her mother’s back. Despite knowing the consequences, the mother ignored the incident due to religious beliefs, assuming that traditional taboos no longer applied to her. Tragically, this ignorance resulted in three lives being affected.

What is the solution to such predicaments? The remedy lies in seeking divine intervention through prayer or consulting someone with deeper spiritual insight.

In conclusion on Taboo in Ebiraland

Despite our deeply rooted religious beliefs, taboos serve as guiding principles deeply intertwined with our relationship with ancestors (Ohiku) and deities (Ozu). Upholding these taboos is motivated by the fear of consequences from ancestors and gods.

Whether acknowledged or not, these taboos persist in our community. Those who disregard them risk bringing calamity not only upon themselves but also upon the entire community in some cases.

Feel free to share this enlightening piece and ask any questions in the comment section below. Thank you for engaging in this exploration of Ebiraland’s cultural tapestry.”

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