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Warning Against Fraudulent Recruitment Advertisements: KSU Kabba Issues Caution


Warning Against Fraudulent Recruitment Advertisements: KSU Kabba Issues Caution

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Kogi State University Kabba, in its recent cautionary announcement, has alerted prospective job applicants to be vigilant against fraudulent schemes, explicitly denying any involvement in an ongoing recruitment campaign circulating online.

The university categorically stated that it is not currently engaged in any recruitment activities and urged the public to dismiss misleading online recruitment advertisements.

In an official statement signed by the institution’s Public Relations Officer, Tade Oshaloto, it was clarified that the legitimate advertisement for employment positions within Kogi State University was officially released on August 17, 2023. Oshaloto emphasized that candidates are not required to have any special connections to be considered for positions.

Furthermore, Oshaloto affirmed that the recruitment process for lecturing positions at KSU Kabba will strictly adhere to merit-based principles and the due process of the law.

The statement reads: “The attention of the management of Kogi State University, Kabba, has been drawn to a message making the rounds online about recruitment into the services of the institution. The message claims that one ‘Alhaji Ibrahim’ with an accompanying phone number should be contacted for lecturing opportunities in our institution. Members of the public are to kindly note that this is a fraud that should be flagged down wherever it is found.”

The University assured the public that investigations into the fraudulent activity are underway, with the goal of identifying and exposing the perpetrators. Additionally, the institution encouraged the general public to report any relevant information that could aid in the arrest of those responsible to the police.

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