AbdulAzeez Atta Memorial College Okene (AAAMCO): History The Great Lion Of the North

Established as Central School in the year 1923, AbdulAzeez Atta Memorial College Okene (AAAMCO) stands as a testament to the rich educational history of the region. The transition from Central School to its current identity was marked by the construction of the impressive granite structure during the period from 1923 to 1933.

AbdulAzeez Atta Memorial College Okene (AAAMCO)

During the years 1933 to 1949, the institution was known as Kabba Province Middle School, evolving its identity to adapt to the changing educational landscape. Subsequent years witnessed further transformations, with the school becoming Junior Secondary School from 1950 to 1955. The period of 1956 to 1965 marked a return to its Provincial roots, bearing the name Kabba Provincial Secondary School.

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In a brief yet impactful transition in 1965, the institution was temporarily named Okene Secondary School. However, this nomenclature saw a significant change in the summer of the same year when it was rebranded as Government Secondary School. The culmination of these historical changes occurred in 1972 when the school was renamed AbdulAziz Atta Memorial College (AAAMCO) in honor of the distinguished Late Alhaji AbdulAziz Atta, an eminent Head of the Nigeria Civil Service.

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The legacy of AAAMCO is not only embedded in its historical transitions but also in the dedicated alumni known as Old Lions. The Old Lions, including the initiator of this contest, AYO, are proud representatives of the institution’s rich heritage. AYO, as an Old Lion, has played a pivotal role in fostering the spirit of camaraderie among the alumni, creating a platform to celebrate the shared history and achievements of AAAMCO.

As we delve into the legacy of AbdulAzeez Atta Memorial College, we find a profound connection to the educational evolution of the region. The institution’s name changes reflect not just a shift in nomenclature but a continuous commitment to adapting and providing quality education.

In conclusion, AbdulAzeez Atta Memorial College Okene (AAAMCO) is more than an educational institution; it is a living chronicle of the educational journey in the region. The dedication of the alumni, the historical transitions, and the commitment to excellence make AAAMCO not just a school but a Great Lion of the North, symbolizing the strength and resilience of the educational heritage it upholds.

FAQ About AbdulAzeez Atta Memorial College Okene (AAAMCO)

What was the original name of AbdulAzeez Atta Memorial College Okene (AAAMCO)?

The school was originally known as Central School from 1923 to 1933.

When was the granite structure of AAAMCO built?

The granite structure of AAAMCO was built during the transition period from 1923 to 1933.

Who was AbdulAziz Atta, and why is the school named after him?

AbdulAziz Atta was a distinguished Head of the Nigeria Civil Service. The school was renamed AbdulAziz Atta Memorial College (AAAMCO) in 1972 to honor his contributions.

How did AAAMCO evolve over the years in terms of nomenclature?

The school underwent several name changes, including Kabba Province Middle School (1933-1949), Junior Secondary School (1950-1955), Kabba Provincial Secondary School (1956-1965), Okene Secondary School (1965), and Government Secondary School (1965-1972).

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