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Ebira Mixtape

DJ Mix: Enyene Vibe Mixtape (Download Female Ebira Mixtape)


DJ Mix: Enyene Vibe Mixtape (Download Female Ebira Mixtape)

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In a move that has taken the music scene in Kogi State by storm, Binoosmart, the number 1 and top blogger in Kogi State, has recently dropped a sensational music compilation titled “Enyene Vibe Mixtape.” This mixtape stands as a tribute to the rich musical talent found among the female artists from Kogi Central, popularly known as Ebiraland.

This compilation is more than just a mixtape; it’s a journey through the vibrant and pulsating beats of Ebira music. Binoosmart carefully selected each track, ensuring that only the most wanted and celebrated hits from female artists in Kogi Central made it to the mix. The result is a seamless blend of talent, culture, and undeniable musical prowess.


Sharon Sonia – Intro
Onyene Oyiza – NickiBerry
Sharon Sonia – Bakuruba
S-Pretty – Onireche
Sharon Sonia – Asumero
Sharon Sonia – Irepa
S-Pretty – Onono
Lizzy Asuva – Beautiful
Lady T (Ohunene) – Anyegwu
Binoosmart ft Nickiberry – Kebira
Sharon Sonia – Ajini
Sharon Sonia – Heyin Ote
B2x – Adarozi
Billi Queen – Ametu
NickiBerry – Rap Messiah


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Ebira Mixtape

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