Top 10 Ebira Musicians in 2023

Top 10 Ebira Musicians in 2023

10 Ebira Musicians in 2023 – As we wrap up 2023, let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of Ebira music and spotlight the top 10 musicians who’ve set the musical scene on fire this year. These artists aren’t just about beats and melodies; they’re weaving magic with their influence, lyrics, and overall musical prowess.

10 Ebira Musicians in 2023

1. Omo Ebira

Omo Ebira is the number 1 artist and producer on our list of Top 10 Ebira Musicians in 2023 isn’t just a music producer; he’s the heartbeat of Nigeria’s party scene. His knack for turning trends into musical magic has made him the go-to producer. If you’ve ever grooved to an Amapiano vibe, chances are it carries the signature touch of Omo Ebira. Check out his infectious beats in “Ebira Makosa.”

2. Finerose

Finerose takes pride in putting Ebira language on the map. Through his project “Ekehi,” he modernizes Ebira adages and proverbs, making them resonate with a contemporary audience. Dive into the richness of Ebira culture with tracks like “Ekehi.

3. Yunique (Ozi Ori)

Yunique Ozi Ori is a household name in Ebiraland, reigning as the street king. From “APP” to “Ireva Oni Coste,” every track is a hit. In 2023, he dropped the sensational “Echunavo Okweiruvo.” Tune in to the sounds of the streets with Yunique Ozi Ori.

4. Hi-Speed

Hi-Speed boasts the grandest musical concert in Ebiraland, the “Precious Gift Concert.” He’s not just a record-breaker; he’s also one of the wealthiest musicians on our list. Collaborating with big names like Zule-Zoo and Perruzi, Hi-Speed is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Soundboi BME

Soundboi BME is Ebira’s finest hypeman, striving to make waves in the Nigerian music industry. His track “Abj” with DJ Romie and Dove is a 2023 hit, echoing beyond Abuja. Feel the vibes with Soundboi BME.

6. Sharon Sonia

Sharon Sonia reigns supreme as the best female musician in Ebiraland and Kogi State. With a track record spanning decades, she’s a household name. Experience her musical prowess with tracks that speak volumes.

7. Anayisi

Anayisi, the youngest on our list, is making waves as the most influential Ebira musician of 2023. His ability to captivate with lyrics in both English and Ebira sets him apart. Dive into his world with “Ozi Udu” and other collaborations.

8. Itabriz

Itabriz, the street president of Ebiraland, is the go-to rapper. Versatile in any music genre, he collaborates with the likes of Hi-Speed and Yunique. Get ready for a musical journey with Itabriz.

9. Born Again

Born Again enchants with his soul-stirring voice. His track “Ehi” resonates as a favorite, hinting at a promising 2024. Feel the warmth of “Ehi” and keep an eye out for more from Born Again.

10. T-Freeze

T-Freeze is one to watch in 2024. His cover of “Anty Natasha” showcases his talent, and collaborations with Hajj Ciroma add to his musical journey. Tune in and catch the rising vibes of T-Freeze.

11. Shuga

Not to be overlooked, Shuga is one of the fastest-rising female musicians in Ebiraland. Her tracks are making waves in 2023, promising a bright future. Dive into her music and witness the rise of Shuga.


In conclusion, 2023 has been a symphony of talent, rhythm, and cultural pride, as these Ebira musicians continue to make waves. Stay tuned for more musical magic in the coming years!

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