Gunmen Beat Soldier to Coma, Kill His Wife, Mother-in-law During Omugo, Dump Newborn in the Hospital in Abuja

Gunmen Beat Soldier to Comma, Kill His Wife, Mother-in-law During Omugo, Dump Newborn in the Hospital in Abuja

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Mrs. Maria Agbo and her daughter, Christiana, from Owukpa, met a tragic end during a celebration that was meant to be joyous. Mrs. Agbo had traveled to Abuja to care for her daughter, who had recently given birth after a decade-long struggle with childlessness. However, their happiness was shattered by a group of ruthless kidnappers.

Approximately two weeks ago, daring criminals stormed their home in Dei Dei, kidnapping Christiana, her mother, her husband, and the newborn baby. The family’s world was turned upside down, and days later, they received the devastating news that Christiana and her mother had been killed, leaving the newborn baby abandoned in an undisclosed hospital. The husband, who is a soldier, was battered and injured but barely survived the ordeal.

Jane Ann, a niece of the deceased, shared the gut-wrenching account of the tragedy. Overwhelmed with grief and disbelief, she questioned why her aunt’s life had to end during what should have been a celebration of life.

Expressing her sorrow, Jane Ann stated, “I’m seeing all your messages, but I can’t reply because my heart is bleeding, my head is aching, and my eyes are red!” She questioned the senseless act that unfolded during the supposed celebration and expressed her devastation at the loss.

Mrs. Agbo, eager to share in her daughter’s joy after a 10-year marriage with no child, left the village with open eyes and legs, only for kidnappers to snatch away both her life and her daughter’s. Jane Ann condemned the perpetrators, expressing her anger and sorrow at the tragic outcome.

In a poignant message, she said, “Kidnappers! The lives you did not create but have the power to take will surely face judgment! The same hands you used to take someone’s life will turn against you! The earth you stained with these lives will hold you accountable! God, the creator of life, will also pass judgment upon you! The breath you all share is cursed! There will be no peace for the wicked ones. Whoever is behind the deaths of these innocent souls shall pay with their own life!” The community mourns the loss of Mrs. Maria Agbo and Christiana, victims of a senseless and tragic crime.

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