Kogi Community in Distress as Suspected Ritualists Invade Cemetery, Exhume Bodies Always

Kogi Community in Distress as Suspected Ritualists Invade Cemetery, Exhume Bodies Always

Residents of Abocho town in Biraidu, Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, are living in fear and distress due to the persistent invasion of their cemetery by suspected ritualists. The community has reported that these individuals have exhumed at least seven bodies from graves, raising concerns over the safety of the deceased.

According to the residents, these ritualistic activities occur primarily at night, taking advantage of the time when people are asleep. The invaders specifically target various parts of the Muslim cemetery, digging graves to exhume skulls and other human parts before making their escape.

“This has been happening in Abocho, but the fear of attack prevents anyone from discussing it openly. The community lives in perpetual fear due to the strong control exerted by political thugs who dictate the activities of the community,” a source disclosed.

Despite the alarming situation, residents claim that over 40 graves have been dug by the ritualists in the past two years, and fear has silenced the community. The ritualists reportedly began these activities about two years ago, successfully making away with numerous human heads and even taking bodies shortly after burial.

Security agencies have been criticized for their perceived failure to devise effective means to track down those responsible for the removal of dead bodies. The situation has left the community in a state of vulnerability, with residents waking up to discover tampered graves in their compounds or the cemetery.

An elder in Abocho emphasized the urgency for authorities to act and apprehend the perpetrators, stating, “Dead bodies are no longer safe in Abocho because some people want to become billionaires overnight. Please help us.”

In a troubling development, reports indicate that the so-called “Abocho bad boys” have ventured into a new enterprise – trafficking in human parts. A police source confirmed this information, revealing that these individuals have agents among the vigilante who turn a blind eye whenever such operations are carried out.

The community is now pleading for swift and decisive action from law enforcement agencies to address the security concerns and bring an end to the disturbing activities of the suspected ritualists.

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