Kogi State Lawmaker Denies Hospital Vandalism and Violence, Alleges Negligence in Father-in-law’s Death

Kogi State Lawmaker Denies Hospital Vandalism and Violence, Alleges Negligence in Father-in-law's Death

Suleiman Abdulrazak, the Majority Leader of the Kogi State House of Assembly, has refuted allegations of vandalizing the Federal Teaching Hospital (FTH) Lokoja and engaging in violence following the death of his father-in-law. Abdulrazak’s denial comes in response to a press release from FTH, which accused the lawmaker of leading thugs to vandalize hospital property and assault staff.

In his statement, Abdulrazak acknowledges visiting the hospital with two brothers and a colleague but vehemently denies engaging in violence or vandalism, describing the accusations as a “campaign of calumny” against him.

The lawmaker contends that his father-in-law’s death was a result of alleged delays and negligence by hospital staff. He claims that upon arrival at the hospital, the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department was locked, and the doctors were unresponsive.

Abdulrazak further alleges that his father-in-law, who was referred from Reference Hospital Okene to FTH Lokoja, experienced delays and negligence from the hospital staff. According to him, the oxygen mask was removed without proper improvisation, and the patient was left unattended for three hours until his demise.

Describing the chaotic scene at the hospital, Abdulrazak mentions encountering frustrated relatives, hospital staff, and unidentified men in plain clothes. He claims that shots were fired within the hospital premises, but not by him or his associates, leading to his colleague’s security detail disarming an unidentified individual.

The Majority Leader asserts that he did not bring thugs to the hospital, did not vandalize facilities, and did not assault doctors or staff on January 23, 2024. He believes the allegations are false and part of a deliberate effort to tarnish his image.

Abdulrazak has petitioned relevant authorities and regulatory agencies to investigate the incident and the hospital’s practices. Despite the conflicting narratives, he expresses confidence in justice being served and calls on the public to seek the truth.

In addition, Abdulrazak criticizes the Federal Teaching Hospital in Lokoja for allegedly prioritizing social media propaganda over quality health delivery for the people of Kogi State, describing it as a show of ineptitude on the part of the hospital management.

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