Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu Launches Innovative Land Registration Portal for Efficient Property Transactions

Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu Launches Innovative Land Registration Portal for Efficient Property Transactions

Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has introduced an electronic Geographic Information System (GIS) as part of the state’s land administration initiative. The unveiling of the portal marks the commencement of electronic land registration processes in the state, aimed at streamlining and modernizing property transactions.

Governor Sanwo-Olu emphasized that the new portal is a crucial component of his administration’s commitment to fostering business growth in the state. The innovative system aims to eliminate manual registration processes, reduce physical visits to lands bureau offices, and empower residents to register their lands conveniently from their homes. Additionally, the portal enables online payment of fees, facilitates the issuance of title documents, and allows for the application of Certificates of Occupancy, streamlining the entire registration process.

One of the key benefits highlighted by the Governor is the reduction of unnecessary costs incurred by applicants due to multiple layers of the registration process. The shift to a digital format is expected to enhance transparency, eliminate file-related issues, and improve overall efficiency in land transactions.

Governor Sanwo-Olu stated, “Therefore, it is critical to highlight that innovative automated processes have transitioned land transactions into a digital format, integrating them into our registry. As a result, transactions significantly reduce and save costs, meaning that the era of hiding files or missing files is gone. Everything will be digitally available.”

The launch of the portal is seen as a significant step towards fostering collaboration among government agencies involved in land administration. The Governor emphasized that the digital platform would provide a secure and user-friendly experience for customers, enabling self-service options, online record and data searches, and the ability to analyze site traffic trends. The portal also includes features that allow for tracking application progress, providing feedback, and addressing customer complaints promptly.

In conclusion, the introduction of the electronic GIS portal represents a milestone in Lagos State’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient and transparent land administration, ultimately benefiting residents and facilitating a more streamlined property registration process.

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