Story: Mother At 16


“Ayoooh, ooooooh. Death, death, why you don’t select who to carry? You don’t consider where you want to accomplish your mission. You just pick anyone you want at anytime. Really you have been very unfair to many, many indeed particularly to this family” Mr. Alabi wept as he sat beside his brother Mr Tayo who was out of words already because of shock. His wife Mrs. Bukky have been taken without a goodbye word. The family were expecting another baby after 12years of waiting since they got their first child Modupe. He have wanted to have another one although he was happy that he have at least one.

……Bukky went to labour and was rushed to hospital that night. Mr. Tayo waited patiently at the reception anticipating to hear good news but that day was his worst day ever. He collapsed After the nurse broke the news to him. He didn’t only lost the mother, the baby too gave up. It took him hours for him to regain his consciousness. People from the neighborhood gathered immediately with different crying tones. Some near relations converged and soon the house was full with people.

……Modupe was rolling on the floor crying uncontrollably. she refused to be consoled. “Mummy, when will I see you again? mummy why do you decided to leave now? I didn’t even finish the secondary School you suffer to send me to, mummy why now?” She wept bitterly as tears dropped generously from people’s eyes when the hear what she was saying. “My Child, be strong ok, you are a brave and strong girl, and I know you can stand it” some women comfort her while men shook their heads in pain.

Three months after the dismissal of Mrs. Bukky, Modupe and her father tried to cope with life. Life they say is for the living. No matter what happened, the living must struggle to live. Although it wasn’t easy for the two, but Mr. Tayo try everything possible within his power to make the only hope he have happy. Modupe was just too little to handle all the house chores and school together. Mr. Tayo was a devoted farmer he hardly had time to stay at home. He really love Modupe and can’t afford to see her doing t all the hard work alone. He sat down and thought of getting another woman to at least guide his daughter in the way she should go, he promised to create time to at least have his daughter’s attention once in a while. He discussed his intention with his brother Alabi and he gave him his full support. Considering the reasons he laid.

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