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Top 10 Most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria (Built For Only The Rich)


Top 10 Most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria (Built For Only The Rich)

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Hall 7 Estate 9th Most Expensive Estates in Abuja

9. Hall7 Estate Abuja

Hall7 Estate is yet another estate in Abuja that has made its position to the number 9 on this countdown of the top 10 most Expensive Estates in Abuja Nigeria, the developers of this awesome estate has been in the business of Estate Development for a very long time, as they are known for building quality residential and commercial properties.

Hall7 Estate Abuja is characterised by contemporary duplexes you would not find around, with their new hexagon duplex design, their aim is to reach the pinnacle of building a luxurious private community to promote good living.

Features of Hall7 has different styles from the supper deluxe villa, to the deluxe villa, to the front villa and the bridge apartments. allowing each home to be the reflection of the owners personality.

What is The Price of Properties in Hall7 Estate Abuja.

An average property cost about 65 million naira (N65,000,000) for a 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex and five bedroom fully detached duplexes cost around 80 million naira (N80,000,000) to 100 million naira (N100,000,000).

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