Why I Abandoned Revealing Outfits After Being Mistaken as a Runs Girl – Skit Maker Ashmusy

Why I Abandoned Revealing Outfits After Being Mistaken as a Runs Girl - Skit Maker Ashmusy

In a candid revelation during a podcast interview with Phyna, popular skit maker and influencer, Ashmusy, shared the reasons behind her decision to rebrand and cease wearing revealing outfits. The entertainer disclosed that her initial choice of wearing sexy outfits in her videos inadvertently led to her being misconstrued as a runs girl (commercial sex worker).

Ashmusy explained that, prior to her rebranding a few months ago, she often showcased her body in her videos, not realizing the negative perception it created. The influencer expressed her surprise and disappointment when she discovered that people were associating her with prostitution despite her hard work behind the scenes, managing a business, and shooting adverts daily. She clarified that her achievements, such as purchasing a car and a house, were products of her dedication and not influenced by any man.

Reflecting on the shift in perception, Ashmusy admitted to reevaluating her content after contemplating why she was being judged in a way that did not align with her professional accomplishments. Upon reviewing her videos, she realized that her choice of often exposing her body, including revealing sensitive areas, contributed to the misunderstanding.

The influencer acknowledged that what she perceived as entertaining and goofy content was being interpreted differently by her audience. She came to the realization that if she aimed to be seen as a prestigious woman, her dressing had to reflect a more modest and respectable style, avoiding the exposure of sensitive parts of her body.

Ashmusy’s journey of self-reflection and rebranding serves as a noteworthy lesson on the impact of public perception and the importance of aligning personal image with professional achievements.

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