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Hoodlums Attacked Judge in Kogi State, Stole Money and Car


Hoodlums Attacked Judge in Kogi State, Stole Money and Car

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Hoodlums Attacked Judge in Kogi State, Stole Money and Car

In a disturbing incident, hoodlums targeted Justice Mohammed M. Bello, a Judge of the Sharia Court in Kogi State, attacking him and his family at their residence in Lokoja. The assailants, numbering several, launched their assault under the cover of darkness, striking at the Judge’s home located in the Zone 8 area of Lokoja.

According to reports from City & Crime, the criminals breached the property’s perimeter fence to gain entry. Once inside, they subjected Justice Bello and his family to intimidation, coercing him to surrender his ATM cards and divulge their PINs. Subsequently, they executed unauthorized transactions, withdrawing an undisclosed sum of money from his account. Additionally, the hoodlums forcibly took the keys to Justice Bello’s Venza car before fleeing the scene in the stolen vehicle.

An aide, preferring anonymity, described the harrowing ordeal, noting the invasion occurred while the Judge and his family were present at home. Despite attempts to contact Justice Bello for comment, he was reported to be indisposed at the time.

Confirming the incident, the Kogi State Police Public Relations Officer, SP William Aya, classified it as a burglary. However, he reassured that the authorities swiftly located and recovered the stolen Venza within the vicinity. The criminals, fearing apprehension, abandoned the vehicle.

SP Aya assured the public of the police’s commitment to apprehending the perpetrators, emphasizing that efforts to track them down have been intensified.

The attack on Justice Bello highlights the prevalence of insecurity in the region and underscores the urgent need for robust measures to safeguard residents and their property.


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