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Gunmen Kidnapped Ex. Kogi Govt Special Adviser, Demand Millions of Naira


Gunmen Kidnapped Ex. Kogi Govt Special Adviser, Demand Millions of Naira

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Gunmen Kidnapped Ex. Kogi Govt Special Adviser, Demand Millions of Naira

In a troubling incident on Wednesday, bandits abducted Comfort Alege, the former Special Adviser on Education to the immediate past government of Kogi State, in Lokoja. The abduction occurred as Alege was returning home after a trip to fix her car. According to sources, the assailants had been following her from a street and seized her as she was about to enter her house.

The situation escalated when the kidnappers recorded a video of Alege and sent it to her family. In the video, Alege’s face was covered with a piece of cloth, and she was made to plead for help from her family and current state government officials. She confirmed her kidnapping and implored her loved ones and colleagues to secure her release.

A family member, who preferred to remain anonymous, recounted the sequence of events. “She left to fix her car in the morning. When we did not see her return at the expected time, we grew worried. Later, we received a video clip of her, with her face covered, saying she had been kidnapped and pleading for rescue,” the relative said.

The kidnappers have demanded a substantial ransom for her release, with the amount running into millions of Naira. The exact sum has not been disclosed to the public. The family’s primary concern is to ensure her safe return, and they are currently navigating the difficult situation with the authorities and negotiating with the kidnappers.

Efforts to reach the police for a statement on the matter were unsuccessful. The police spokesman for the state, SP Williams Aya, did not respond to calls regarding the incident, leaving the public with limited official information.

This abduction has sparked significant concern among the community and highlights the ongoing security challenges in the region. The family and the local authorities are working tirelessly to secure Alege’s release and ensure her safety.

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