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“Reasons Why Being a Male Feminist Doesn’t Pay” – Solomon Buchi


“Reasons Why Being a Male Feminist Doesn’t Pay” – Solomon Buchi

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“Being a male feminist doesn’t pay” – Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian life coach and writer, has announced his decision to withdraw from active involvement in the feminist community, claiming that supporting feminism as a man offers no tangible benefits. Buchi shared his thoughts following an online debate about advocating for boys, sparked by discussions surrounding the International Day of the Boy Child on May 16.

During the debate, a Twitter user named Daddy Shindara criticized the notion that boys lack recognition compared to girls, calling it a “victim mentality.” Shindara urged men to take the initiative in celebrating boys, tweeting:

“This victim mentality wey we dey criticize women for, na wetin una dey do o. Women celebrate themselves, who asked you people not to celebrate yourselves?”

Responding to this post, Buchi shared his personal experience as a former male feminist, stating:

“I used to be a male feminist like you. It doesn’t pay.”

Buchi Criticizes Sexualization of Women in Media

In another discussion, Solomon Buchi condemned content creators who perpetuate the sexualization of women. He expressed his dismay at the moral decay in society, particularly criticizing those who objectify women for content creation.

Buchi highlighted a disturbing trend where women are paid to perform explicit acts, such as a video he mentioned where a woman was paid $100 to flash her breasts. He voiced his outrage at such behavior, stressing that it negatively impacts both men and women.

Buchi also called out a content creator known as Egungun, who often uses women as sex symbols in his work. He criticized Egungun’s content, stating that it lacked humor and substance, and questioned his motives for exploiting women in this manner.

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