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30 Workers Trapped as Mining Site Collapses in Niger State (Video)


30 Workers Trapped as Mining Site Collapses in Niger State (Video)

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30 Workers Trapped as Mining Site Collapses in Niger State (Video)

A tragic incident occurred in Galadima Kogo, Shiroro Local Government Area (LGA) of Niger State, where a mining site collapsed, trapping 30 workers and resulting in one confirmed death. The collapse, which happened in a mining pit in Minna, has left the community in shock and rescue efforts in a challenging state.

The collapse, attributed to heavy rainfall on June 3, 2024, has complicated rescue operations. Alhaji Ibrahim Ishaku, the site manager, is among the trapped workers, while six others have been rescued alive but with severe injuries.

See video below:

Official Response and Rescue Efforts

In a statement on Tuesday, Alhaji Abdullahi Baba Arah, Director General of the Niger State Emergency Management Agency (NSEMA), confirmed the incident and described the difficulties faced by rescue teams. He mentioned that the continuous downpour softened the soil, leading to the collapse and complicating rescue efforts.

“Nsema received a report of a mining pit collapse at Galkogo village of Shiroro LGA. The mine site belongs to a company named African Minerals and Logistics Limited. The cause of the collapse was due to the rainfall impacts that softened the soil,” Alhaji Abdullahi Baba Arah explained.

The rescue efforts are further hindered by the challenging environment and the presence of banditry activities in the area. Despite these challenges, excavators have been deployed to aid in the rescue operations. However, rescuers have had to retreat at times due to the unstable conditions of the mine pit.

Community Impact

A local resident, speaking anonymously, confirmed the dire situation. “One person has been confirmed dead, six people were rescued with severe injuries, while about 30 people, including the site manager Alhaji Ibrahim Ishaku, are still trapped as of yesterday,” the resident reported.

The incident has highlighted the precarious conditions under which miners operate, exacerbated by natural disasters and security issues in the region. The community and families of the trapped workers are anxiously awaiting further rescue efforts and updates on their loved ones.

Ongoing Developments

Efforts to rescue the trapped workers continue, with authorities working against time and environmental challenges. The situation remains tense as rescuers navigate the dangerous conditions of the collapsed pit to save those still trapped inside. The public awaits further updates from the Niger State Emergency Management Agency and other involved authorities.

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