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4 Dead And 1 Hospitalized After Eating Cassava Flour in Osara – Adavi LG


4 Dead And 1 Hospitalized After Eating Cassava Flour in Osara – Adavi LG

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Touching story as four families lost their lives in Osara – Adavi LG after eating cassava flour prepared by their mother. According to the source close to the victims who confirmed this to Ebira Online Media, it was narrated that;

This families who were victims of circumstance based in Osara. About 5 of them ate the meal, 4 died and 1 was hospitalized.

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According to the source, the woman lived in with her mother and kids. She prepared the already existing cassava flour in the house and dry okro which she bought to make soup (epe ewu). She never distanced where she was cooking as to her kitchen was indoor so she prepared both the soup and the food indoor for the family to eat.

She, her sister who came to greet them, her mother, and her two kids ate the food and immediately her last born flipped and grunt in pain. After vomiting, the child foam from the mouth and gave up. While still in pains over the death of her child, the second child shouted again and gave up.

Her sister started her pains too and they were now rushed to the hospital but they couldn’t made it through. The sister died and the woman who prepared the food died after so much pains remaining the mother (grand mother to the kids).

According to the source, they were all fasting till the sudden death, the doctor confirmed it was food poisoning but no one knows how, their grand mother is hale and healthy now. May Allah be pleased with their souls, forgive their sins and grant them Jannah (Amin).

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