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Abuja Residents Raise Concern Over Flamboyant Weddings


Abuja Residents Raise Concern Over Flamboyant Weddings

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A cross section of Abuja residents have raised concerns over couples who live in debt after their wedding ceremonies.

Abuja residents raise concern over flamboyant weddings

They made their observations in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.

According to them, many couples go out of their comfort zone to borrow to have a lavish wedding which they end up paying throughout their life time.

Mr Abimbola Odunayo, a father of three in Utako, said a wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage and not an avenue for guests to have fun.

Odunayo said he was not against fancy weddings, adding that couples that could afford it should go ahead with it.

“I won’t advise my son who will soon get married to spend all his money to have a flamboyant wedding, rather, he should have a small wedding and save for the future.

“I think those who borrow to have a big wedding just want to show off and feel like they belong,” he said.

Victoria Onifade, a Civil Servant, said that she prefers having a court marriage because it still entails blessing the union.

“Some couples use the ceremony as an avenue to make money that is being sprayed during the event to settle debts.”

Blessing Nkem, I love private and quiet life, if I am destined to be counted among great married women, I will love to have it quiet and simple.

When I said simple, I mean simple but classy wedding where people will think I spend much whereas, I spent little. My husband and I can flaunt our wealth at home, it is not meant for the people, she conclude.

Juliet Osita, ho just wedded, said she and her husband planned and saved towards their wedding, so they did not have to borrow.

Osita said that those who have the funds to organise a lavish wedding should go for it and have a wedding of their dreams.

She said: “One should be able to feed well after the wedding and not the other way round.

“People should try and consider their pocket so they don’t end up paying for a loan instead of enjoying their marriage,” she warned. (NAN)