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Adavi LGA Chairman Traced and Found The Parents of New Born Baby Dumped in The Street.


Adavi LGA Chairman Traced and Found The Parents of New Born Baby Dumped in The Street.

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With the help of Community leaders, Concerned citizens, Security Agencies, and Intelligent reports gathered, the Chief Security Officer of Adavi LG, Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami has uncovered the parents of the baby dumped in the street few days ago.

Earlier Today, the council boss invited both parents to his office to discuss with them, and confirm if they’re ready to take the baby back and give the child parental care.

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Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami has agreed earlier to adopt the child through the social welfare department of the local government, and entrusted the child to one of the Nurses, Mrs Mercy who volunteered to take care of the baby.

Having deployed resources in search of the child’s parents, with the help of the information gathered by the community leaders, and concerned citizens, both parents of the baby were later found.

The father of the child, Mr Abdulrahaman is from Okene local government while the mother, Khadija is from Adavi local government.

After they pleaded and asked for forgiveness, they both requested to have the child back and promised to offer the child parental care as both of them have agreed to reside together in the same house.

In a joint decision between the Executive Chairman and the social welfare department of Adavi LG, the child was given to the parents. Abdulrahman’s father and the elder sisters of the lady frankly cautioned to monitor the upkeep of the baby, and bring the child to Adavi social welfare unit every week for certainty that the baby is well taken care of.

Finally, Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami instructed the social welfare officer to have the Child’s parents details documented and commit them to sign an agreement that they will not go against all the terms and conditions attached to the child’s release to the biological parents.

Engr. M. Jamiu Habeeb,
SA Media&Publicity, Adavi LG
1st August, 2022

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