Akintoye Akindele, Husband of IG Big Girl, Faces Allegations of Crude Oil Money Diversion and Evasion


Akintoye Akindele, widely recognized as the husband of IG Big Girl, has found himself entangled in a web of allegations pertaining to the diversion of funds within the intricate landscape of crude oil transactions. The esteemed Dr. Akintoye Akindele, a prominent figure as the Chairman of Platform Capital, has been apprehended by the vigilant personnel of the Nigeria Police Force. This significant development stems from suspicions of his involvement in a convoluted scheme that centers around the purported fraudulent redirection of payments earmarked for crude oil supplies, a matter intricately linked to Duport Midstream Company Limited.

The saga, which has captured the attention of both the public and legal authorities, has taken a consequential turn. Confidential sources privy to the inner workings of the police force have corroborated the news of Akindele’s detainment. He is presently in their custody, undergoing a rigorous process of interrogation, as the legal machinery contemplates the potential of initiating a prosecution against him. This, of course, follows his rather conspicuous departure from the nation’s borders—a move that occurred subsequent to his calculated decision to disregard an initial invitation extended by the relevant authorities.

In a narrative that seems to echo the realm of the extraordinary, it is impossible to overlook the recent celebration that illuminated the lives of Akintoye Akindele and his now-wife, Dark Chocolate. A mere month prior to these unfolding events, the couple embarked on a journey to the idyllic shores of the Maldives, where they embarked upon a union sanctified in matrimony. The event, shrouded in an aura of exclusivity and extravagance, unfolded as a private spectacle, witnessed by an intimate gathering composed of select family members and cherished friends.

As the intricate threads of Akintoye Akindele’s life intertwine with both legal complexities and personal milestones, the unfolding chapters are poised to illuminate the future in uncertain hues. The outcome of the ongoing investigation and its potential legal ramifications remain shrouded in the veils of speculation, leaving observers and onlookers to ponder the twists and turns that destiny may yet unveil.

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