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All You Need To Know About Adayi Ichimiri of Okene


All You Need To Know About Adayi Ichimiri of Okene

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Do You Know Adai Ichimiri Of Okene?

ADAI ICHIMIRI: He was from Osiva in Okene-eba Area and belonged to Amari lineage in Okarutu sub clan of Ogu. He lost his father early in life. As an orphan, he was brought up in Ukako in Adai Apasi household were he was remarried by way of inheritance.

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He was a poet, a philosopher and the custodian of Aneku Arijenu formerly known as Ogugureba Ajokaiye in Ekuechi festival.

He was a very principled man, always on the side of truth. His songs served useful purpose in reminding the Ebira people of the level of corruption and defilement in the society.

The portrait of the great Adai Ichimiri of Okene. It has always been like this. A very beautiful dancer with the Gongs (Ireha) just like the Late Adai Danga. Tall and handsome. You can mistake him for a woman He was also known to be strong
and critical of oppressive rulers in Ebira land.

History has I that he actually sang a song before submitting to the pangs of death.

The song; “Onimisi Oziemooh, Nyaruwa A’he-ozi 2X
Enetumi A’anoh. Oricha Onavo Osotu-ewuni’ozi 2X. Amututu okaaka onerezu nineh o’meh Irevu ebaku ema nyahimi nine o’meh”.

Without mixing his words, he fought a good race for the unborn generation of his community, (first of it kind in Ebira land), his legacies speaks volume. Sleep on Ozi Otaiki Obanyi

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