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Atiku Pledges Support for Peter Obi’s 2027 Presidential Bid


Atiku Pledges Support for Peter Obi’s 2027 Presidential Bid

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In a recent statement, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has expressed his willingness to support Peter Obi for the presidency in 2027, contingent on certain conditions.

Atiku and Obi previously ran together in the 2019 presidential election under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), but they were defeated by incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who secured a second term.

In the 2023 presidential election, Atiku was the PDP candidate, while Obi represented the Labour Party (LP). The election was ultimately won by Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Obi, who served as Governor of Anambra State, left the PDP in 2022. Despite their separation, Obi has maintained respect for Atiku, and their recent meeting has fueled speculation about a potential political alliance for the upcoming elections.

Although Obi remains with the Labour Party, his interactions with Atiku and other PDP leaders have sparked discussions about his possible return to the PDP.

Atiku’s Conditional Support for Obi

Atiku has stated that he would fully support Obi’s presidential bid if Obi returns to the PDP and if the party nominates a candidate from the South-East region.

“I have consistently said, even before the 2023 elections, that if the PDP zones the presidential ticket to the South or specifically the South-East, I would not contest. I respect the party’s decision and would abide by it. I ran in 2023 because the ticket was open to all members,” Atiku said in an interview with BBC Hausa Service.

“If the party decides it is the turn of the South-East and Peter Obi is chosen, I will support him without hesitation.”

Prospects of a PDP-LP Merger

Atiku also discussed the potential for a merger between the PDP and the Labour Party to strengthen the opposition against the ruling APC. He did not rule out the possibility of running in 2027, indicating that the party members would decide his role in the next election.

Regarding his meeting with Obi, Atiku described it as a routine interaction among opposition leaders, emphasizing its importance for Nigeria’s democratic health.

“It was just a friendly meeting, common among opposition figures. Such engagements are beneficial for our democracy and the country’s interest,” he stated.

Merger Discussions Unaffected by Candidate Selection

Addressing the potential merger, Atiku affirmed that the choice of a presidential candidate would not impede the discussions.

“A merger to achieve a common goal is very possible, and nothing can stop it if we aim for it,” he said. “The selection of a candidate will not be an issue; it will not hinder the merger discussions.”

Atiku’s statements highlight his strategic approach to the 2027 elections, showing openness to alliances that could reshape Nigeria’s political landscape.

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