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Beautiful Cheats on How to Fall Asleep Easily


Beautiful Cheats on How to Fall Asleep Easily

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 Sleep is one of the most important thing that we need in our daily life, it makes our body feels good and help to relax the brain to function properly.  

When you lack a good sleep, it causes damages and affects the body through different ways. 

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One of the things that poor sleeping habits can cause to our body is heart disease. Our heart relaxes as much as our brain when we have a good sleep.

 The heart beats faster than it supposed to be each time we fail to have a good sleep. 

Other damages are: mood swings, memory dysfunction and emotional problems. 

Here are some key guidelines To Help you fall asleep easily 

1. Take a cool shower 

It is important to take a shower after a long day not just to wash the dirt in our body but also to help our body relax and enable our brain to function well. 

Taking a shower before going to bed is one of the best thing that enhances sleep with many people. 

The body automatically feels weak after some minutes and our eyes becomes heavy, this is because the brain have been forced to relax with the help of the water poured in our body. 

2. Avoid unnecessary thoughts 

One of the things that hinders us from falling asleep in deep thinking. The moment you laid your head to rest, you should be more focused on the moment which is to sleep. 

It is normal for our heart to think about one thing or the other anytime we are relaxed but it is our duty to get our mind distracted and allow our brains work towards that path. 

Once it is time for you to sleep, avoid thinking negatively to enable your brain have some peace and relax well. 

3. Meal planning 

The type of food we take for dinner contributes to our body relaxation. Eating of solid food like pounded yam at late hours can prevent us from falling asleep easily because it doesn’t digest easily which sometimes cause us stomach abrupt. 

Solid meal for dinner should be taken at least 2hours before bed time.

Eating of fruits like, Apple, watermelon, orange and banana’s promotes sleep during bed time, it helps to relax the body system and also increase the brain functions. 

4. Room Temperature 

Often times the temperature of our room makes our body feel discomfort and stops our body from relaxing rather, feeling disturbed. 

For a beautiful sleep, our room needs to be cool as our body. So to sleep under a cool atmosphere, we need to turn on the A.C or a fan at least. 

But in a case where there is no electricity, then an alternative should be created either by shifting the curtains to one side or we open the windows. 

5. Night wears

This is the last step to fall asleep easily. Often times, what we wear to bed counts in having a good sleep. 

Some people are at the habit of wearing tight fitted clothes, jeans and hard materials in which air can’t penetrate. 

The best cloth for bed time is a night wear but in the absence of a night wear, boxers is well recommended for males while free bogus light cloth and a tung to cover the private part is recommended for the females. 

This is to allow air penetrate into the body easily because a good sleep can only comes after the body is cool and relaxed. 

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