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Borno State Netizens Blows Hot at Gov. Zulum For Paying Teacher’s Less Than 7k Salary Monthly (photos)


Borno State Netizens Blows Hot at Gov. Zulum For Paying Teacher’s Less Than 7k Salary Monthly (photos)

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The Borno State governor, ‘Babagana zulum’ comes under fire as netizens from Borno State called him out for allegedly paying school teachers a less than 7k Salary monthly.

Borno State Netizens Blows Hot at Gov. Zulum For Paying Teacher's Less Than 7k Salary Monthly
Gov. Babagana Umara Zulum

Borno State workers are at the moment calling on Nigerians for help as they don’t want all their children to turn illiterates due to financial crisis.

See their post below;

When an Elected leader begins to see himself as no longer answerable to the people, then he is no longer fit to lead the People Anymore. And when his interest is what matters to him the most, then he’s a disaster to the growth of any politica or democratic entity. Below is the Salary of an LGA Primary School teacher, which they have been receiving this Stipend as a salary. Friend’s, Families, Associate’s, recruited Media Boys, receive More than what those Teachers earn as Salary or Allowance in a month. This a professor by profession who should’ve seen the need to prioritise Education, the Teacher’s welfare First above any other thing, as the popular saying of Late Nelson Mandela that “Education is the powerful Weapon which you use to change the world” and when the people are not educated properly, better informed, then they become an upcoming threat to the society. The Narrative in Borno State today is Different, with the Deliberate fall of the nation’s economy, making the outrageous rise in the price of our commodities, His Excellency has not consider this in anyway to better and ease the deep pains of our suffering teachers, but rather add up to their Problems. No Man with a family can survive on this amount of money to feed his Family and attend to other pressing needs, even despite with the paper and pen propaganda implementation of the new Minimum Wage. It’s a call on the State Government to immediately work on this Disheartening issue which has been lingering for over 8months, and bring an end to it. It’s a Big slap and a shame to the Governor and his Cabinet Members if this linger any further. BRING AN END TO THE SUFFERING TEACHERS AND STATE WORKERS GOING THROUGH SUCH.

Titus David Durkwa

Dear Akilu Abdul Kinging, I write this publicly to apologise for your recent post I shared, challenging you on the post you made regarding Under payments of some L.E.A Teachers. After my reactions to your Posts, I received over 15 calls from Teachers of Various local governments of Borno State and Justified your post. Among those whom I spoke with, including my very close friend from my local government (Bama) says for over 8 months now he is receiving N6,155 only as a monthly salary. Indeed this is very unfortunate! And am very sorry for that. Finally, for Interest of my people and for the developments my dear state I formally joined my friends and colleagues to call on the state Government to act on this issue now…

Engr Muhammad Wakil Gulumba

On Minimum Wage in Borno. No teacher can devote his or her time to teach on a 6,600 salary monthly. In December 2019, the Borno State Governor Prof Babagana Zulum approved the constitution of a committee on the National Minimum Wage and Consequential Adjustment of Salary headed by the State Attorney General Barr. Kaka Shehu Lawan. The Committee did its work and submitted its report to the Governor in January 2020. Gov Zulum assured them of timely consideration of the report as his government will not fail to provide the entitlements of employees. A few months later, the state faced a massive adjustment in salaries which was largely mistaken for minimum wage. That was not minimum wage. In January 2020, the Borno APC media published that the Chairman of the NLC Borno State Chapter Bulama Abiso has paid a thank-you visit to Gov Zulum for implementing the new minimum wage in the state. I don’t know if the union was sure that the minimum wage was paid. They, too, mistook that massive adjustment for minimum wage. In October 2021, the Governor said that primary school teachers will get minimum wage soon but to no avail. Therefore, one can authoritatively say that the National Minimum Wage was not implemented in Borno State. What we had months ago was an adjustment of salaries of a few workers, not minimum wage. Attached below are the salaries of LGA staff members, the press release on minimum wage, and a picture of Barr. Lawan while submitting the report to the Governor.- Ibn Maigana. Dear Nigerians Help Borno workers are suffering behind media propaganda as good governance

Akilu Abdul Kinging

See images below;

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