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Music: Itabriz & Boldeg – Breeze and Bold (Download mp3)


Music: Itabriz & Boldeg – Breeze and Bold (Download mp3)

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Music: Itabriz & Boldeg - Breeze and Bold (Download mp3)

Ebiraland’s Music scene is ablaze with the collaborative brilliance of Itabriz and Boldeg, who have recently dropped their joint album, “Breeze and Bold.” This dynamic duo, known individually for their prowess in the genre, has come together to create a musical masterpiece that transcends expectations. In particular, Itabriz, also known as Onyiamawuru, has showcased his consistent excellence, while Boldeg injects fiery passion into the mix.

Itabriz’s reputation as one of Ebiraland’s finest hip-hop artists is well-earned, and his seamless blend of compelling lyrics and captivating beats shines in “Breeze and Bold.” Boldeg, equally impressive in his artistry, adds a dynamic layer to the collaboration with his explosive style. Together, they create an immersive experience for fans, making the joint album a must-listen for those seeking bold and innovative hip-hop.

The magic between Itabriz and Boldeg extends beyond their latest album. A previous collaboration featuring the talented Sharon Sonia offered a glimpse into the chemistry that defines their musical partnership. As fans eagerly delve into “Breeze and Bold,” the anticipation for the duo’s collaborative journey is met with the promise of a lasting impact on Ebiraland’s hip-hop history. With each track, Itabriz and Boldeg invite listeners to immerse themselves in a world where their combined talents forge an unforgettable musical legacy.

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