Top 10 Businesses You Can Start in Abuja With Little Capital

Businesses You Can Start in Abuja
Abuja City Gate

In this article we will be looking at top 10 Businesses You Can Start in Abuja with little Capital, making the right choice of business to start in a particular place might be a very tricky one, most especially if you have no experience in entrepreneurship. In this article we will look at the best Businesses You Can Start in Abuja that will not require you to bring the whole banking hall with you while starting.

Abuja is a large and one the most populated city which have an estimated population of more than 2.5million people according to the last census in 2006, from different geographical zones, it is a welcoming and a business opportunity city for everyone. 

In Abuja, series of businesses are established every now and then which have created many job opportunities for Nigerians including outsiders (foreigners).

All establishments have their own sectors; that one can easily fit into depending on your qualifications and experience.

Investing your money in a business in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria isn’t something one will regret, and there is always a full assurance that you will acquire x2 of the money invested, if you back it up with hard work, consistency and dedication.

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Advantages of Starting Your Business in Abuja

Apart from the brief explanations above, Abuja is a growing city with lots of opportunities aside business deals. In Abuja, you get to meet with lots of people with different experience and ideologies, including the mighty and the privileged ones.

This set of people get to connect you with people that can help you meet people to assist you in achieving your dreams in a mighty way. Now, lets look at what you stand to gain if you establish your business in the heart of Nigeria (Abuja).

  1. Huge Customer Base: 
  2. Expansion Ideologies
  3. Massive Income

Huge Customer Base

Recall I earlier said that the city has a population of more than 2.5million people living in it? With the high rates of people rushing into the beautiful city, if you establish a non – competitive business in Abuja, you are likely at a chance of making it bigger than those in a competitive business. Let me tell you something beautiful.

Competitive business or not, if you are good at what you do, customers will always patronize you because the city is full of different people and they tend to stop by at anytime without minding your identity and if you are found great at what you do, you will be shocked as to what your account will read in a month.

Expansion Ideologies: 

While working so hard to grow your business, you will easily get to meet people who have more experience than you in that line of business that will be giving you better ideas as to how to make the business more bigger and well organized. 

The city have created a conducive environment for everyone that expanding your business won’t be difficult. All you just need to do is to meet the legal authorities and have your papers and documents signed then you can proceed with your plans. 

It will even create more employment opportunities for people again because you will be too chocked to handle it all alone. And there, you have become a life saver to a second party.

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Massive Returns

If you really want to make it big in this large city, invest big, establishing a business in Abuja requires some certain techniques to attract investors or customers and these techniques are; 

  • The organizational structure of the business
  • The standard quality of the business
  • The professionals employed 
  • Its beautification 

Business Registration:

Customers tends to patronize and trust businesses that are registered with CAC, than private businesses that aren’t registered, though it is not a factor, so this shouldn’t hold you back.

If you really want to get people to patronize you or invest with your business, then you will have to first of all get it registered and makes it appear real before potential customers. 

Trust me if you have this all set up, having it at the back of your mind that you might not make a gain instantly, your income will bounce out massively once you are known and recognized.

So, have you gathered some capital and you are confused about the type of business to establish due to the city high cost of living? Are you new to the city and you will love to be a boss on your own without working under anyone? Do you have little capital (money) that you want to invest in a paying business to sustain yourself in this large city? If yes! then this article is strictly at your best benefit.

Listed below with analysis are the top 10 paying businesses you can start in Abuja with little capital.

Top 10 Businesses You Can Start in Abuja

  1. Thrift Business
  2. Mini Importation Business
  3. Blogging
  4. Food Canteen Business
  5. V-logging
  6. Make-up artistry Business
  7. Fashion Designing Business
  8. Social Media handler or writing Business
  9. Delivery Business 
  10. Organic Products Business

Starting a Thrift Business in Abuja: 

Topping the list of the top 10 businesses you can start in Abuja with little capital is the thrift business. Thrift business is a small scale paying business that one can easily establish here in Abuja. It all requires having a good and quality goods to present to the customers. Have you ever heard of what thrift business is? 

Thrift Business is the importing or buying of used clothes which we usually referred as (okrika). This used clothes can be a first grade, second grade or a third  grade used clothes but I will advice anyone who would love to venture into these business to go for a first grade used clothes because most times, they look new and this alone can attract more customers.

To start a thrift business in Abuja, you will need to firstly secure a location and take a survey. Taking a survey requires you to see the kind of environment you want to establish the business, the competitive market and the population of people in that area. 

If the population of the area is low, then I will advice you to secure a more open place because those are the kind of places you can get patronage without you going through the stress of taking your business house to house for advert.

The second step to take is to start looking forward to where you can get quality first grade goods. Oftentimes, people love to go get their goods by their selves so they can select the pieces of their choice and the quality they want while some people usually or them online to be delivered to their doorstep. 

One of the trusted place that you can easily order this goods from is AliExpress because they will hold on to your money once you pay and until your goods have been delivered and you confirmed it before they can release the money to the seller. You can decide to buy in bale or you buy in bulk.

Starting a Mini Importation Business in Abuja

Mini importation is one of the lucrative businesses you can start in Abuja to earn you huge income, if well structured. In mini importation business, you will need to sacrifice what you have to get what you want in a huge way. Why did I said this?

Mini importation business requires you to first of all build a website, secure a location, get a trusted dispatch rider, register your business and most of all, have a knowledge about the business.

Now, after completing all the above listed, you now proceed to make a choice of what you would like to venture into and also the places you will be ordering them from. Mini importation business is a cool business in Abuja especially when dealing with what people don’t actually want but can’t do without using them.

One of the example of those things are party shops. People can not do without using party things. Imagine how many activities that took place daily in Abuja and with the city large population, you will see your business booming in no time.

Starting a Blogging Business in Abuja

This is another paying business that one can easily venture into in Abuja if you love and have the skills of writing. Blogging sometimes is a very great business for housewives who aren’t working and also for people who don’t wish to work under anyone.

If you have an I.T skills and a little capital, all you just need to do is to pay a computer programmer to help you build a website, buy hosting, have a niche, prepare the blog with or without google AdSense and boom, you can now start your business (blogging).

Blogging is a very cool and loving business in Abuja if you are determined. Blogging requires consistency, dedication, commitment and hard work to achieve your aim. 

If you are focused and you understand your niche perfectly alongside hard work and you are good, trust me, your blog will become popular in no time and you start making your money. The good thing about it is, people can decide to advertise their business with you and from that you will make more money. 

Starting a Food Canteen Business in Abuja

Do you a knowledge of catering or you are too perfect at cooking and have passion for cooking or you feel overwhelmed whenever anyone taste your meal?  If yes! Then this phrase is for you. 

Remember food is anything that we eat, solid or liquid to give us energy. Any of it’s chapter that you have passion for can be paying if you handle it greatly. 

Now,  to start a food canteen Business, you will need a good location, a good business plan and your choice of food.


This is another special business that is very beneficial especially to those who are outspoken. 

V-logging involves you facing the camera to express something or help people in solving a particular problem by making analysis to their problems through a video. 

V-logging is of different categories just like blogging. What it requires is for you to be able to solve a particular problem for someone and when people get to know you well, they will surely patronize you by bringing their business for video advert or their business problems for better ideas, family issue’s for better solutions or parenting guides. It all depends on the kind of niche you choose. 

Note that just like blogging, v-logging also requires dedication, commitment, hard work and passion. Remember that hard work pays greatly. 

Make-up Artistry Business: 

I have never seen a business as lucrative as a make up artist business. I am not saying that other businesses aren’t lucrative but is it possible for people to attend occasions or programs without make-up?  No. 

Both men and woman are caught up in this act. In Abuja, make-up artistry business is a booming business especially if you are running it in a unisex form. One a daily basis, you tend to receive more than 10 customers and if you are good at what you do, you will always have returning customers. 

To start a make up artistry business in Abuja requires a good location, quality gadgets which you will be using for the business, standard electricity and many more. 

The good thing is, you can design cards and print flyers for your business to enable more patronage. People will always trace you back to your business enterprise if you impress them greatly. 

Fashion Designing Business: 

Do you know or have the skills of sowing and designing and you are looking for the best place to implement this skills and make huge income? If yes! Then this great city is your surest plug. 

Abuja is a big home for all where people from different countries meet and become one. Every blesses day, these people keeps wearing designer clothes and designer shoes. 

Designer’s is something that almost everyone in Abuja can’t do without, if you establish a fashion designing business in Abuja, you are at the verge of making it easily if you utilize the knowledge brilliantly. 

To start this fashion designing Business requires a good location, good machines both sowing and designing machine, and experts to handle client’s work. 

If your organization if found pleasing and impressing, trust me you won’t regret choosing Abuja as a place to invest your money. 

Your can train and employ people. You can also build a website for the business and make cards and flyers too. It all depends on how big the business will grow to be. 

Social media handler or writing business: 

This type of business doesn’t require stress at all. It all revolves around I. T. to achieve your aim in this part. 

Who is a social media handler or a writer? 

A social media handler is a person who take full management and responsibility of another person’s account while the person attend to business duties. 

While a writer is the one who write different kind of contents and distribute for sale. It has different sectors depending on the part you choose to go for. 

The two businesses are very popular in Abuja and it’s earning people huge income to the extend some people might not worry about a white collar job anymore. 

These two business are usually remote work whereby you will remain in your comfort zone and be earning big. 

The social media handler requires you to have a knowledge about how the internet works and everything revolving around social media while the writer requires you to have a great skills in writing and be able to create meaningful contents to help solve people’s problems. 

The good thing about a writer is that you can make e-books and put it online for sale. You can also produce textbooks or short stories and sell to schools. 

Delivery Business: 

This is another popular and lucrative business that one can establish in Abuja, you can decide to do it yourself or you buy the bike for someone to be working while you relax and get paid. 

Who is a delivery agent? 

They are also called dispatch riders. These are people who run errands for people from office to office delivering the goods they are given. 

In dispatch riding, both the owner and the person handling the bike tends to gain if sincerity is implemented. 

All you need to do as the owner is to get the machine. It could be a bike or a car  and register it, then look for a company that are involved in sending goods and register with them. 

Now after that process, you can now hand it over to the person you hired making them sign the appropriate documents to avoid stories that touch. 

Once you are through with all this process and your machines start working, you can be rest assured that profit is sure because in Abuja, people tends to send documents, goods and others stuffs on a daily basis. 

Organic or Skincare Products Business: 

Do you have skills? I mean making of organic soap and skincare products… Don’t you establishing a business in your can change your story forever? 

Organic or skincare products is one of the most lucrative, competition free and fast rising business in Abuja.

100% , people can’t do without skincare or organic products because it have to do with making the skin look beautiful and attractive. 

If you have a skill in this phrase and you are wondering where to implement them and make your money, then I am assuring you that Abuja city is your greatest chance of achieving and making your dreams come to reality. 

To begin an organic or skincare products Business requires a good location, location matters in every type of business but even without a good location, you can still do something great. 

IT have made life so easy for us that everything is possible irrespective of your zone. All you need to do is to make more of your products with a name written on it, take a good picture of it and send it for the software developer that will build you a good website, and help you publish it to the world. 

You can also advertise it yourself by posting pictures of those who testify to your products on your social media handle and share with friends too. If you are good and trustworthy, withing a blink of an eye, you will be shocked with the mercies and grace that will befall you. 

Thanks for your time. Please like, comment and share with friends so they can be aware and motivated that any dream is possible in this large city Abuja if you implement, work hard and plan strategically. Follow Our Facebook Page for more information.

A quick one please, 

Do not let anyone confuse you that any booming business in Abuja survived without registration. So please, register your business and you will find yourself smiling greatly with lots of achievements. 

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