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Imam Tussle: Council Of Ulama’u Nominates Interim Imam For Okene Central Mosque


Imam Tussle: Council Of Ulama’u Nominates Interim Imam For Okene Central Mosque

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In the bid to resolve the lingering crises over the leadership of the Okene Central Mosque, the Kogi State Chapter of Council of Ulama’u of Nigeria, has nominated Ustaz Abdulrasheed Usman as the interim Imam of the mosque, pending the resolution of the tussle.

Ebira Online Media reports that following the January clash between warring sects which left scores injured, the Mosque has been locked and security-guarded.

In what appears to be a sigh of relief, the council in a letter of nomination dated February 9th, 2022 and sent to the nominee explained that the decision was to bring about a lasting peace in the mosque.

The letter which was signed by the Council Chairman, Hon. Kadi Danladi Yakubu, and the Secretary, Alhaji Baba Ango Idris, stated the need for an interim Imam while an already constituted eleven man Task Force Committee meets with relevant stakeholders pending conclusion of its mandate to resolve the crises.

According to the correspondence, Ustaz Usman will act as an interim leader effective from Friday February 11th, 2022 to the end of February, 2022 on the following terms:

“To lead Juma’a (Friday) prayers and other obligatory daily prayers in Ebira Central Mosque within the period herein stipulated, and if, for reasons of official engagements or other exigencies you are unable to lead daily obligatory prayers, you shall nominate any competent person from amongst regular worshippers in the Mosque to lead in any particular obligatory daily prayer(s).

“Not to allow Pre-Khutba (sermon) on Fridays, Wazeefa (services/supplications) of the Tijjaniya, Sunday Da’awa (preaching) of Ansarul Islam and other sectarian activities in the Mosque during the three weeks duration of your tenure as interim leader.

“You shall not set up new or parallel Mosque Committees but shall help to properly reposition existing Mosque Committees for purposes of promoting peace and progress of the Mosque.

“You will ensure that the security arrangements jointly put in place by the Okene Local Government Chairman (CSO) and the Okene Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in respect of observance of Juma’a prayer shall take precedence over any other private security arrangements; and whenever it is desirable for any worshipper in the Mosque to make private security arrangements, such arrangements shall be on terms and conditions as may be stipulated by the CSO and the DPO for both Juma’a and other daily obligatory prayers in the Mosque.

“During the period of your interim leadership, your Khutba should focus on the importance of peace and ha

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