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Counting of Numbers in Ebira Language.


Counting of Numbers in Ebira Language.

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I have been trying to get my hands on counting in Ebira Language for a very long time now but the time has finally comes please let me show you people how to count in Ebira Language. Let’s get through with it.

Note that counting of money is different from counting of Numbers in Ebira Language.

Also note that the sounds of the alphabets are kind of different from each other for example is different from E, the same thing applicable to and O, and S and so on. To note this check the Ebira Alphates out and continue.

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Counting numbers uses the method of fingers, You count with fingers and because each hand has has 5 fingers so counting in Ebira Language is in the multiple of five 5.

Counting of Numbers in Ebira Language

Let’s start counting from 1 – 2000.

Numbers Ebira
1 ọnyi
2 Ẹẹva
3 Ẹẹta
4 Ẹẹna
5 Ẹẹhi
6 Ihinoyi (Ehi Ronyi)
7 Ihimba
8 Ihinta
9 Ihina
10 Ẹẹwu
15 Ẹẹwu Ri Ẹẹhi
20 Oohu
25 Oohu Rẹhi
30 Oohu Rẹwu
35 Oohu Rẹwu Rẹhi
40 Ẹbẹẹva
50 Ẹbẹẹva Rẹwu
60 Ẹbẹẹta
70 Ẹtarẹwu
80 Ẹbẹẹna
90 Ẹẹna rẹwu
100 Ẹchẹhi
120 Ẹchi Hinonyi
140 Ẹchi Himba
160 Ẹchi Hinta
180 Ẹchi Hiina
200 Irẹka
300 Irẹka ri Ẹchẹhi
400 Akava
500 Akava ri Ẹchẹhi
600 Akata
700 Akata ri Ẹchẹhi
800 Akana
900 Akana ri Ẹchẹhi
1000 Akahi
2000 Akawu

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