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Ebira Music: Dan Ozizi – Ozoza Baba (Download Ebira Throwback Song)


Ebira Music: Dan Ozizi – Ozoza Baba (Download Ebira Throwback Song)

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Dan Ozizi, one of Ebiraland’s most renowned musicians, has re-released the classic Ebira track “Ozoza Baba.” Known for his powerful voice and captivating rhythms, Dan Ozizi has brought back this nostalgic piece for both new listeners and long-time fans. His music, including the ever-popular “Ometere,” has solidified his place as a leading figure in Ebira’s music scene.

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“Ozoza Baba” is a timeless piece that showcases the rich musical traditions of the Ebira people. This track, originally by Ozoza Baba, has been reintroduced by Dan Ozizi, bringing new life to a cherished classic. The song features traditional Ebira instruments and melodies, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the cultural heritage of Ebiraland.


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