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Alleged Fraud Case of N330M Involving Digital Herbalist Omehi Sabdat and Gimbiya: Reactions to the Unfolding Drama


Alleged Fraud Case of N330M Involving Digital Herbalist Omehi Sabdat and Gimbiya: Reactions to the Unfolding Drama

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Alleged Fraud Case of N330M Involving Digital Herbalist Omehi Sabdat: Reactions to the Unfolding Drama

In a surprising turn of events, a reported scam involving Omehi Sabdat, a prominent digital herbalist known for her philanthropic activities, has garnered attention and mixed reactions.

The incident, which unfolded on August 27th, 2023, during a live video session, has left many questioning its authenticity.

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During the live video, Omehi Sabdat was accompanied by a woman named Fatima, who goes by the Facebook name Gimbiya Fati Anavami Ibrahim.

According to Omehi Sabdat, her relationship with Gimbiya Fati began on Facebook. The situation took a suspicious twist when Gimbiya Fati, along with her brothers, purportedly posed as business partners and attempted to defraud Omehi Sabdat of a staggering 330 million Naira.

The alleged scheme was brought to a halt when Omehi Sabdat’s sister-in-law, identified as Abubakar Kalimat Zia Abdulmuizz on Facebook, caught wind of the situation.

With the help of law enforcement, she intervened and led to the apprehension of the accused scammers. The story behind the money suggests it was meant for two purposes: 9 million Naira to sponsor around 200 individuals in a program and a whopping 320 million Naira to purchase 10 Suv Prado jeeps for Omehi Sabdat’s new business venture.

It has been claimed by kalimat that Gimbiya Fati was or is in a relationship with Leonard Peters, who happens to be the ex-husband of Omehi Sabdat. This connection, if true, adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

The aftermath of the incident saw Gimbiya Fati’s parents and accomplices seeking forgiveness from Omehi Sabdat on their daughter’s behalf.

The situation has sparked varied reactions, with some expressing skepticism about the authenticity of the incident, while others feel empathy for Omehi Sabdat.

As the details continue to unfold, questions about the validity of the story persist. Some suggest the entire scenario might be scripted, while others highlight the importance of careful assessment and proper documentation in financial transactions.

Regardless of the truth, the incident has captured the attention of social media users and sparked discussions about trust, relationships, and financial prudence.

See video below:

Reactions from Social Media Users:

“This script is not well written lol. What is everybody hands up? ????????????” – Yo Ibrahim

“Please and please, Omehi Sabdat, you have to be careful with the group of people you see. How can somebody that is good to you be doing this? Omehi Sabdat is very good to everyone. ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️ I don’t like this. Let’s not do something that is not good to people who are good to us.” – Sheidu Tjani

“Someone is doing skit, Kalima comes to intrude and scatter everything. ‘Uyanikami Noor’ means we’re doing a skit to impress the gullibles. ???? How can you issue such an amount of money on a cheque without proper documentation, no memorandum of understanding, no lawyer involved, no signed agreement? She has displeased herself trying to please others. ????????????????” – Abu’Rasheed Lukman Etu’daiye

“This story isn’t clear to me. Why is Mc Adi seriya and Peter with the other lady kneeling down while others are standing? ????????‍♂️????” – Malass Salamzz

What’s your perspective on this unfolding drama? Share your thoughts!

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