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Ebira Dictionary: 50 Ebira Words And Meaning in English. Vol. 2


Ebira Dictionary: 50 Ebira Words And Meaning in English. Vol. 2

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Ebira Dictionary

Ebira Dictionary – I have written about Ebira Words and Meaning in English Volume 1 in my past article last year, where I discussed about 50 Ebira Words and their meaning in English Language now I am back with another 50 Ebira Words With their translations in English language. Check Out The First Volume Here!

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50 Ebira Words And Meaning in English

I am going to start from where I stopped in the last episode so i will urge you to check it out before continuing with this one.

Ebira Words English Meaning
Agoro Tin, Olden days Bus
Agoyi Fulani
Agu Scent, Eczema
Agugu Crocodile
Aha Place, Space or Wellness
Ahachi Space between two farmlands
Ahankata Argument
Ahẹ Song
Ahẹẹ Sorry
Aha’ẹyẹnyi Anywhere
Aha’ẹyisi Private Part (Forbidding Part)
Ahẹrẹ Vomit
Ahi Air
Ahihi Cockroach
Ahina Rat with straps like Zebra
Ah’ohuenyi Bathroom
Ahọnọ 1. Medicine,
2. Charm
Ahọrisa Dining Room
Ahọvi Ebira Name
Ahu Leg
Ahuahu Nakedness
Ahuhu Lung
Ahukọrọ Place of work (Office)
Aja 1. Crown,
2. Name of bird (Ajaokuta named after it)
Ajẹ Egg
Ajẹngwu Hut
Ajini Today
Akaha Side
Akahi 50 Naira (Currency)
Akahina 90 Naira (Currency)
Akahinta 80 Naira (Currency)
Akanya Toughness
Akara Cake
Akẹba Above
Akẹnẹ Opposite
Akere Frog
Akina Coal that has Fire
Ako Cup
Akọkọ Pepper
Akokoro Shell
Akọrọ Well-done
Akuvariva Locust
Anapa Penis
Anẹ Pure White bird
Angwahi Fear
Anọ Salt
Anya Blood
Anyengwu Bad luck
Anyi Teeth
Anyuha Teeth (Molar)

This is all for now in my next article I will be starting from where I stopped now.

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