Ebira Doctor’s Forum Congratulates New Ohinoyi, Hailing Him as a Beacon of Hope

Ebira Doctor's Forum Congratulates New Ohinoyi, Hailing Him as a Beacon of Hope

The Ebira Doctors’ Forum (EDF) has extended heartfelt congratulations to His Royal Majesty, Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Tijani Anaje, on his recent ascension to the throne as the new Ohinoyi of Ebiraland. In a joint statement by the President, Dr. Zubair Kabiru, and Secretary, Dr. Shaibu Moses, the forum expressed confidence that the new monarch’s leadership would serve as a beacon of hope and guidance for the people of Ebiraland.

The statement, issued in Lokoja on Friday, highlighted the significance of the royal father’s proven qualities and experience as a disciplined, retired Army Officer, acknowledging that these attributes would be invaluable as he navigates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The Ebira Doctors’ Forum, identified as the foremost organization of healthcare experts of Ebira origin, emphasized its immense pride and joy in seeing the leadership of Ebiraland entrusted to Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Tijani Anaje.

The forum recognized the weighty responsibilities associated with the Ohinoyi position, emphasizing the need for unwavering dedication, resolute resilience, a commitment to justice, and the wisdom of patience. However, they expressed confidence that the monarch’s background and experience would equip him well for this leadership role.

Dr. Zubair Kabiru and Dr. Shaibu Moses conveyed the forum’s belief in the Ohinoyi’s commitment to the well-being of his people. They anticipated that under his leadership, Ebiraland would experience an era of peace, prosperity, and progress, with a specific emphasis on the advancement of healthcare within the region.

The forum expressed certainty that Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Tijani Anaje would prioritize ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all Ebira indigenes. They lauded the monarch’s commitment to the fear of Almighty Allah, describing it as a guiding light for the people and a source of hope.

In conclusion, the Ebira Doctors’ Forum extended its sincerest congratulations to the Ohinoyi, offering prayers for his continued success and divine guidance as he leads Ebiraland into a brighter future.

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