Ebira Food: How to Make Guinea Corn Wine (Eche-Ayi Anebira).


So I was reading through some of the comments from the past on EbiraOnline.com, so I came across an argument between two of my fans talking about locally made wine vs. the standard made wines so I got the inspiration to write about Ebira Locally Made wine of those days (Eche-Ayi). Note that this is not a palm wine. NO, this is different entirely.
Guinea Corn Wine (Eche-Ayi) is a wine extract gotten from Guinea Corn. When we say Eche in Ebira it means Wine (Also Eche can be Celebration just like Festival, Ech’ane for example).

Note: Eche-Ayi is Alcoholic.

The Procedures of Preparing Guinea Corn Wine (Eche-Ayi Anebira).

  1. Get Guinea corn and wash it.
  2. Soak the corn in water for three (3) days for it to ferment.
  3. On the third day you’ll notice that the corn is germinating, that’s good. Remove it from water and grind it.
  4. Turn it into a big pot and boil for some minutes like 20 to 30 minutes. (Just slight boiling while it’s still watery).
  5. Get a mud-pot broken beneath (known as Unoko-ududo). Of course it’s traditional. Or use an open cylinder covered with closely tight filter or Maniko with supportive sticks under, put it on a container and start putting the boiled liquid of corn in it… it’ll filter into the container.
  6. After putting it all. Wait a while for the filtration to complete as it’ll be dropping gradually.
  7. Take your container of wine and start sharing with family and friends.

That’s how you prepare Eche-Ayi. Enjoy your drink. Remember, you can store in fridge for future use. Don’t abuse it, though it’s sweet do not just abuse it.

Disclaimer: This is a drink that is alcoholic please do not abuse it I only write for research and educational purpose only I don’t produce Guinea Corn wine myself.
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Written by: Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza
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