Ebira Netizens Reacts to the Query Letter Given to The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland by Kogi State Government


In a letter that has been making making waves on the internet, it has been seen that the Kogi State Government allegedly sent a letter of query to the paramount ruler of Ebiraland (His Royal Majesty Ado Ibrahim) for refusing to welcome the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the official Palace built by the state Government.

The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland was given 48hours to reply the Query Letter Given to him, explaining why a disciplinary actions should not be taken against him.

the attached pictures below is the letter of query given to the Ohinoyi as shared by a social media user (Citizen Nagaziman).

Ebira people on the internet have mixed reactions towards this, as many thinks the tone of the letter was too hash, disrespectful and uncalled for.

See reactions below 👇

Why have they refused to grow?

Was he officially invited?

Were they not aware of the sad event that took place in the early hours of that day?

Do they know his age at all?

In some climes, the first point of call after the Governor receives the President was to pay the Paramount Ruler a courtesy call before embarking on projects commissioning.

You don’t expect the Sultan of Sokoto to be at the airport cueing up to receive the President or the Olu of Warri or the Oba of Benin and the Oni of Ife doing same if the President visits their domain.

These guys don’t have regards for traditional institutions at all I must confess.

The sacredness and sanctity of the Ohinoyi’s stool must be respected to the fullest irrespective of who is involved.

If we don’t respect our own, no one else will.


Friday Ipemida

Make una give us update on how it goes ……no matter the error pikin no supposed tell father to come kneel down

Certified Rahzie

I will not b happy if his Royal Highness reply them kos he is not a data boy

Samson Anekwu

He is wrong, his powers ends when the presidents own beginHe should respect the office..

Ibrahim Rilwan

Reference should be made to the official letter inviting His Royal majesty What is official should be treated official please If at all there is no any official letter to this effect my brother ………… I rest my case

Ibrahim Ireyi Jackana

Before this government our royal fathers has respect before but since this government came they are just trying to play with our ancestors , before anything let them attach the photo copy of the official invite them give him to the letter first

Bonji Ismail Bonji

Bizzare!!!Who wrote such an insolent letter? What effrontery!Bubu is the one to pay the King a visit in his Palace! What else is there to see in this government that we’ve not seen? Oh death! We blame death that has flooded these guys into power.

Andrew Akubo

A king of over 90 years old whose palace / house was badly hit by bomb explosion that killed 3 people and injured some peoole on the said date of the visit of Mr President is been queried for not coming out to receive Mr President. Assuming he was invited and the sad incident occured prior to the arrival of Mr President, common sense should suffice that at that age, the king needs medical attention before any other thing. The shock from the explosive can affect younger age talk more of over 90 years old man. Where is humanity in the present crop of human being we have today.

Obari Ibrahim Umar

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  1. The very respected igbira people have never had it so bad since Babangida created Kogi state. The governors of Igalla extraction have never disregarded the ruler and traditions of the igbiras. It took an igbira man with no history or pedigree to come to power (by luck anyway because Abubakar Audu won the election but passed on unfortunately)to become governor and desecrate the exalted stool of the Ohinoyi of Ebgira land…Yahaya Bello has taken us 50 years back and I sorry for all those who collect peanuts and sing his praise..Kogi state is one of the worst in the country.