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Ebira Poem: Oyisi


Ebira Poem: Oyisi

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Oyisi, the word that means love,
In Ebira language, spoken with a dove,
It brings to mind, feelings so pure,
And memories that forever endure.

Oyisi Onyi, motherly love so true,
A bond that’s unbreakable, through and through,
A love that’s nurturing, gentle and kind,
A mother’s love, a treasure to find.

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Oyisi Ada, father’s love so strong,
A love that protects, and guides us along,
A love that inspires, and gives us strength,
A father’s love, a treasure of immense.

Oyisi Evarose, love between a spouse,
A love that’s enduring, forever vows,
A love that’s selfless, and always gives,
A husband and wife, a love that lives.

Oyisi, a word that means so much,
A language of love, we should all clutch,
For in it lies the key to our hearts,
A love that never fades, and never departs.

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