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#EehiOsiya: Top 7 Events To Attend in Ebiraland This Festive Period, Their Venues and Date.


#EehiOsiya: Top 7 Events To Attend in Ebiraland This Festive Period, Their Venues and Date.

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It’s time to go home right? And you curious about which event you should spend money on this festive season? Well we are thinking the same thing. In this post I will show you Top 7 Events you should attend in Ebiraland this Festive period.
Remember I have written an article about top 5 things to do in Ebiraland this festive period when you visit check it out here.

Let’s take a glance look at the Events list.

  1. Ebira Online DIY Boot Camp.
  2. Ebira Carnival.
  3. Fearless JAMZ 4.
  4. Young Classic Show.
  5. House of OziAnty.
  6. FlexyTunes Music Unplugged.
  7. Wizvibes Music Festival.

The Ebira Online Do It Yourself Boot Camp.

We at Ebira Online Media in conjunction with Ebira Saka international has decided to share our personal skills with interested Youths in Kogi Central, we think instead of doing what others are already doing organizing tutorials, concerts and organising hangouts which all are about promoting entertainment in Ebiraland, it’s a great idea. Even though Decembers are supposed to be Holiday period for resting it is also a time to plan for what to come in January.
So this Boot Camp we are planning to host very often say every 6 months of a year which is twice in a year.
Venue and Date has not been decided yet.

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The Ebira Carnival Concert

Ebira Carnival has grown to that pic that it starts by 25th of December and ends in 31th of December the first 5 days is for picnic across all 5 local government of Kogi Central, this event main objective is to showcase and promote Ebira Culture and traditions to the world so far it is the biggest Event in Ebiraland so far, we can say it is Ebiraland own Owambe annual event. No wonder its number 2 on the list.
Date of Ebira Carnival is: 31st of December.
Venue of Ebira Carnival is: Karaworo Primary School Opposite Hotel Dabras

The Fearless JAMZ 4 Concert.

Fearless Jamz is an event organized by Victor Justified of Fearless Xound in Conjunction with Prince Bashiru Ataba of Bash Concept, I personally picked interest I this event as it’s the very first event in Ebiraland to stand out as the organizers targeting AY Live Show type of event in Ebiraland. Fearless Jamz 4 is the most packaged show so far featuring Music, Comedy, Dance and Many more…
Tickets Price Starting from 1k VIP, Table Diamond 25k, Diamond Table 41k.
Date: 27th of December
Venue: Afims Hotel Limited (Obehira Road, Okene Nigeria).

The Young Classic Show

Young Classic is group of young People with the same mind-set of making history, making Youths stand out in the society. This concert by Zamil is a must attend event as it is said to be the only show where everyone is the same nothing like regular, VIP or buying of Table.
Ticket Price: N 500.
Venue: Inike Town Hall, Okene Nigeria.
Date: 29th December.

The House of OziAnty Concert.

OziAnty: This Ebira Social Media Sensational Comedian (Ranter) started just a year ago and has made name for himself in the Entertainment industry as he is considered one of the best Ebira Comedian in 2019 and we expecting more from him in the future. The House of OziAnty is a concert you can’t afford to miss as it will feature Comedy, Music, Dance and lots of Entertainment.
Tickets Price:
Venue: The Hill Top Hotel, Okene Nigeria

The Flexytunes Music Unplugged (Ballers Night).

Flexytunes Music Unplugged is a yearly event organized by Ismaila Tijani popularly known as Baba T, are you looking for a show to ball spend money and treat your friends and partner well? Flexytunes Ballers Night is the best bet for you, featuring all the facet of entertainment.
Tickets Price: Regular 1k, Vip 3k Table for4 10k
Venue: Asimawu Investment, Check Point Okene Nigeria.

Wizvibes Music Festival

Whinny the Odoyewu crooner and the admin of is a Good Musician and a Blogger he is the organizer of Wizvibes Music Festival. The name of the event portray everything to expect in the show, Music, Comedy, and many more entertainment.
Ticket Pricing:
Venue: Inike Town Hall (Okene Nigeria)

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