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EFCC Violates Yahaya Bello Children’s Rights And They Must Get Justice – Kogi Youths Protest


EFCC Violates Yahaya Bello Children’s Rights And They Must Get Justice – Kogi Youths Protest

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EFCC Violates Yahaya Bello Children's Rights And They Must Get Justice - Kogi Youths

In Abuja, on May Day, scores of youths from Kogi State gathered for a solidarity walk to voice their concerns over the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) approach towards the family of Yahaya Bello, the former Governor of Kogi State. The youths, led by the Kogi Independent Youths Association President, Comrade Mohammed Abdulrazak, expressed their disappointment particularly with the alleged violations of the constitutional rights of Bello’s children, who they claim are unfairly caught in the crossfire of investigations targeting their father.

Abdulrazak emphasized that while the association does not condone corruption, they insist on adherence to legal due process, particularly criticising the EFCC for involving Bello’s children in the situation, which could potentially harm them psychologically. He argued that children should not suffer due to their parents’ legal battles, asserting that no one should be punished for crimes they are not involved in.

The youth leader also highlighted procedural concerns, noting that Yahaya Bello had not been formally charged or arraigned in court, yet had been subjected to what he described as a media trial. According to him, the EFCC has not only failed to follow proper legal procedures but also violated a court order that temporarily protected Bello from arrest.

Furthermore, Abdulrazak revealed that the EFCC’s actions included forcing an American International School to refund $800,000 in school fees paid for Bello’s children, exposing them to significant distress and ridicule from peers. This move, he stated, contradicts the Child’s Rights Act of 2003 and the principles of justice.

The rally marks the beginning of a series of planned actions by the group, who intend to bring these issues before the National Human Rights Commission for intervention to protect the rights of the children involved. The group strongly condemned the EFCC’s treatment of Bello’s children and reiterated their call for lawful and fair procedures in handling the former governor’s case.

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