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Federal Government Supports 2024 Hajj Fares with ₦90 Billion as Fees Rise by ₦3.5m


Federal Government Supports 2024 Hajj Fares with ₦90 Billion as Fees Rise by ₦3.5m

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Federal Government Supports 2024 Hajj Fares with ₦90 Billion

According to reliable sources within the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), the federal government has allocated ₦90 billion to subsidize the 2024 pilgrimage to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This substantial intervention aims to alleviate the financial burden on intending pilgrims, who would have otherwise faced a significant increase in fares.

Without the government’s support, each pilgrim would have been required to pay an additional ₦3.5 million on top of the initial fare, which was set at ₦4.9 million. The decision to provide financial assistance was confirmed by a high-ranking official at the Presidency, who acknowledged the government’s involvement in facilitating the hajj exercise.

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NAHCON had initially announced a fare of ₦4.9 million per pilgrim in December last year, citing prevailing exchange rates. However, due to ongoing foreign exchange challenges, the commission later revised the fare upwards to ₦6.8 million, necessitating urgent action to ease the financial strain on pilgrims.

The recent subsidy from the federal government is part of broader efforts to address the economic impact of the foreign exchange crisis on hajj fares. Additionally, state governments have been urged to provide further assistance to reduce the financial burden on pilgrims from their respective states.

While the exact details of the subsidy were not openly disclosed, it is evident that the government’s intervention will significantly benefit intending pilgrims, making the pilgrimage more accessible and affordable for thousands of Nigerians.

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