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Ohu Variki, Idozumi, Idiche & Ozuwaya Grassroot Sensitization Tour – by Rural Development Movement


Ohu Variki, Idozumi, Idiche & Ozuwaya Grassroot Sensitization Tour – by Rural Development Movement

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Ohu Variki, Idozumi, Idiche & Ozuwaya Grassroot Sensitization Tour - by Rural Development Movement
Led by, Abdulrahman O. Zulkanien

A grassroot sensitization tour (program) was organized by the Rural Development Movement within the environ of bariki market, idovumi, idiche, and ozuwaya in Okene Local Government Area of Kogi state to educate the grassroot electorates on POLITICS AND ELECTION. The team started the tour at 10 am and was completed by 2 pm on Saturday.

From the sensitization being carried out, we get to know those critical issues affecting the people and some ways to tackle them. Vote buying and thuggery during elections are one of the major problems facing Ebiraland.

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Ms. Rekiyya is a prominent active politician that hails from Idozumi(Serving woman leader, Okene LGA). She gave a piece of advice and also preach against vote buying and other related crimes concerning elections. In her words, she said “We Ebiras lack in many aspects and we’re all looking forward to voting a leader that shares the same plight with grassroots”.

Mr. Okino( One time SA to Okene Local Government Chairman) from Idozumi was one of those eyewitnesses of the 2007 political/ethical crisis in Ebiraland. In his further explanation, he said ” I was among many that were affected so badly in the crisis. 5 five of my family member were killed, and the rest of the family members’ lives were at risk. IT IS TIME WE SAY NO TO POLITICAL THUGGERY.”

A business tycoon also known as Onyi Etta(Mother of Three) who has been maintaining the same space in the market for 25yrs was also very glad that a group of youth has invented a good and commendable initiative that will promote Ebiraland and also help in sensitizing the people of Ebira, citizens of Kogi state and Nigeria. She prayed so much and eventually gets emotional and in conclusion, she charges every youth, and woman to be courageous and sincere while voting.

Image Gallery of Grassroot Sensitization Tour

The sensitization was, however, a success and commendable by the correspondents. The exercise showed that the masses have hope and are ready to take their places and stand their ground to fulfill their wishes. The respondents prayed for the group and urged them to strive to speak out with a fearless voice for the voiceless. If we must have an inclusive governance, the youth, women, the old, the poor & the needy, and the disabled shouldn’t be on the sideline. We must play politics with empathy for the future of our dear nation. In less than two weeks, the INEC Nigeria portal for new enrollment will be closed. Don’t wait until the last day. Go get your PVC and vote wisely. Visit and register, schedule your biometrics and get registered.

As we continue to serve the people, the entire team of RUDEM is pleading and urging the general public to contribute to the development of our society, our country, and our nation.

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Abdulrahman Ozovehe Zulkanien

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