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Group Accuses Kogi Govt Official of Illegally Selling Ministry of Agriculture Land


Group Accuses Kogi Govt Official of Illegally Selling Ministry of Agriculture Land

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Group Accuses Kogi Government Official of Illegally Selling Ministry of Agriculture Land

A group known as the Lokoja Development Association (LDA) has made serious allegations against certain high-ranking government officials in Kogi State. They claim that these officials are involved in the unlawful sale of land belonging to the state’s Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the LDA, the disputed land, situated along Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Road next to HABSO filling station in Lokoja, is at the center of the controversy. They have urgently appealed to Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo to intervene in the matter before it escalates into chaos.

Alhaji Musa Usman, the Chairman of LDA, addressed reporters, revealing the historical significance of the land. He explained that the structure on the land, built in the 1960s by the Northern Nigeria Government, served as the Produce Office for Kabba Province. Later, it was converted into a Tractor Hiring Office by the state Ministry of Agriculture after the creation of Kogi State in 1991.

The LDA vehemently opposes the alleged sale of the land to a top government official, insisting that it should be preserved as a historical monument. They assert that any attempts to develop the land for personal gain will be met with resistance.

Usman emphasized the importance of protecting government and ancestral lands in Lokoja, stressing the need for government intervention to halt further development by the buyer.

Furthermore, the LDA called on the state government to establish an intelligence team to identify and apprehend individuals involved in unauthorized land sales across various local government areas.

In response to these allegations, the group threatened to stage mass protests if the government fails to reclaim the land and take action against those responsible for its illegal sale. They pledged to continue exposing the activities of land grabbers masquerading as government officials.

The Lokoja Development Association’s efforts underscore the importance of safeguarding public assets and preserving historical landmarks for future generations.

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